Why Online Commercial Real Estate Will Suck In 2014!

Why Online Commercial Real Estate Will Suck In 2014!

What were you expecting?

Come on its me. You want fluffy kittens and rah-rah speeches? I already did that last year.

Where is the positivity? Where is the can do will do attitude?

Well, I have all of that but let’s get real.

Online commercial real estate sucks now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Here’s why.

First off there is never any debate about commercial real estate. Same old topics with the same old talking heads saying the same things over and over. Does anyone have a different opinion? Ever?

Second is the basic commercial real estate website. You have not changed yours in how many years? So it is still amazing right? The plain corp logo with the handshaking generic glam shot and long ridiculous bios. Facing that consumer with all the tech savvy of a……!

Third is video. I know it’s hard real hard but it creates so much value. I see small peeks of possibilities but we still have a long way to go.

Fourth is search as in how consumers look for commercial real estate. Hint: it’s by the address, not you your website your company or your organisation. Hint:  Consumer wants to look for a building they……Google the address. Simple!

Fifth is the commercial real estate story. We don’t tell it well. We don’t know how to tell it if we even try at all.

Sixth is the non use of Google + Hangouts. What an amazing tool. So you ask what can you do with that? There is the problem.

Seventh is the lack of conversations. Real conversations…..about deals.

Eighth is the lack of original ideas. Name the last one that you have seen. Think about it.

Ninth is that there will be no flaming public burns. Wait, it may already have happened at Motionloft.

Tenth is that there will be no new voices. Where are they? Who else has the balls to have an opinion and put it out there? Is it the same old boring stats and tips shit we always get?

Eleventh is The Dark Star gets to do whatever the fuck they want and….. you……. still……. pay.

Twelfth is “Associations “are less relevant online because the members already know what they provide, which is  events to go and do deals and network…….in person.

Thirteenth is that nobody in CRE is paying any attention to www.floored.com  COME ON PEOPLE! WAKE THE FU*K UP!

Fourteenth is the MLS thing as we know it becomes less relevant. Just look at the residential shitstorm. We are already way ahead of them on this one….for once.

Fifteenth is lists. My lists. Anybody’s lists. You love them you hate them you click on them every time.

And this is……Why Online Commercial Real Estate Will Suck In 2014.



Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/womanofscorn/9163060/


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