Why I Am A Pissed-Off Optimist.

Why I Am A Pissed-Off Optimist.

A pissed-off optimist?

Let’s start off with the fact that I am not ripping off  Lewis Black  who I happen to find hilarious.

I will admit that maybe a little part of me channels the rants.

Why am I pissed off and why am I optimistic at the same time?

I sense that we are at a moment in time that commercial real estate technology is changing.



People are changing the way that they are using technology.

Technology is changing the way people create value with commercial real estate.

It may be just as simple as a free productivity mobile app or a specific lease analytic product.

It’s at our fingertips 24/7 and it’s integrated into how we think about our everyday business.

It makes us think about how other industries are using similar tools to push forward.

We no longer see ourselves as disconnected or out of touch because of the business we are in.

We realize that our business is very much interconnected and becoming a part of the bigger data set.

Openness sharing transparency interaction and collaboration….and commercial real estate.

This to me is very encouraging.

But I am still pissed.

The technology companies that have traditionally provided services to the commercial real estate community have stagnated.

It’s the same conversation every time.

It’s the same product every time

It’s the same “solution” every time.

It’s the same hand digging deep into our pockets to provide the same service every time.

Are we not smarter than that?

Hell Yes We Are!

I see it.

I hear it.

And I am watching technology and the people of commercial real estate using that technology.

Sit back and think for a minute….you are part of that change…you are witnessing that moment in time.

It’s happening right now!

Sure I may be a little pissed off….but the optimist in me can help but sit back and watch with joy the transformation of an industry.

Comments opinions and points of view are always encouraged and appreciated.

Duke Long


  • Agreed. There seem to be handfuls of technology that get close, but nothing wraps it all
    together with a big bow. Our office is always searching for a way to work smarter, but the disparity of technology has us looking to create our own. Hell, at this rate it would be faster and cheaper to just create a system to meet our needs. ~AJS

    • But would you prefer one large company that gathers all of these new technologies together rather than having several smaller companies (42Floors, Motionloft, Flyer.io, etc)? If so, why? Is it because it is theoretically easier or less to deal with or the notion that bundled technologies might be offered at a discounted price? Or would that preference be based on the idea that a wider spread system will have more/better data and products to offer? What are the risks associated with companies such as CoStar that dominate the market and have little incentive to continue innovating once they realize they have little competition?

      • I, personally, don’t think CoStar dominates, or even gets close, especially for smaller markets. It’s not about control; it’s about continuity and ease of use. The downside to all of the small, discounted services is being pecked to death by ducks. The more hoops to jump through and the more steps to take, the less agents will use the program. Not even forgetting to mention, 5 cheap programs equal on hell of an expensive program. Right now, our company is stringing together REIwise, REA9, Constant Contact, Adobe Acrobat Pro, MS Word and Excel, Blood, Sweat, and Tears. ~AJS

  • Me too man, people sometimes confuse my opinionated optimism with pessimism. The truth is, most people have no thoughts of their own and are scared of change. This is especially true in CRE where ‘things have always been done that way’ seems to be the motto. Well, I say screw that. Give me a sledge hammer.

  • Duke, we need another gathering and have a CRE SMM version of “Walk on Washington.” The objective is to make the dinosaurs of our industry face the reality that they are just that. No longer can they keep hiding the information from the public. Heck, it will not put up with that nonsense, because customers believe they have the “right” to it like they do other almost all other information on the internet.