What Special Magic Do I See In The Best #CRE Startup Companies? You Might Be Surprised.

If you follow anything I do it’s not hard to occasionally if not most always find me hanging in somebodies slick #CRE tech office:

I may be moderating a panel here and there:

Popping in for a quick chat and a something fresh at a WeWork.

Stealing a bit more wifi because it’s like a drug we must all have.

And a conference or two or three or four.

And (gasp) even after 5 pm. frequenting establishments that serve adult beverages.

Conversations on top of conversations with more conversations.

There is the usual state of #CRE and #Tech thought processing.

But without fail, the conversation turns to talent and culture.

Or as I have said a thousand times, 70% of the reason you have any chance of being a successful company at all.

The Team.

Many, many tomes have been written, mostly by the very people who have never experienced recruiting, working within and or motivating those team members.

For the most part, if you walk through the door of any of the above places and specifically the startup offices you will find The M’s.

That’s what I call them. “The M’s.” Yes, of course, I am referring to the generation so named The Millenials.

And I am not going to bore you to fucking death about____ and _______with____because they_____ and holy shit they____.

Depending on where you Google, The M’s will make up 50% of the entire workforce by 2020. That’s less than three years from today.

Hey, you old fuckers I said in less than three years from now. It’s not 1980-90- or whatever year your Spotify Channel says it is.

One more time. Less than three years. Some of these old fuckers need a bit of repetition. (Doing my part to help here.)

And to keep and retain top…blah blah blahbhabhhabahh.

You don’t really give a flying fuck, do you? Not your pay grade to even worry about right.

I did say 50% of the workforce did I not?

Why worry about it anyway?

But there is a bit of magic going on that you don’t understand.

The startups I’m around have it figured out. Yes, they do.

Here are just four off the top of my head.

1. Super performance is the norm.

There are some high achieving educated self-motivated MFer’s in these companies and guess who they sit next to every day? Another high achieving educated self-motivated MFer. If you don’t perform you don’t last. Just look to the right or left. They can tell in two seconds. You tolerate low achievers. Yes, you do. That kills the high achieving MFer’s soul.

  2. You love the bottom line and you think they could give two fucks.

They want to make a difference a real difference. You just want to get paid. They spend every waking hour trying to figure out how to make the company better and then they have to come to work and watch you do a powerpoint on goals and metrics wrapped around some lame ass football metaphor/motivational story.

You are not paying them squat if anything at all to motivate them to do what. Think of numbers? They don’t care. You have not given them a true reason to care. What the fuck is it? They want to take over the world. You want better seats at the Knicks game.

  3. You think a free lunch and Friday jeans day = Culture and Bonding.

WTF, you think hummus and avocados are the cutting edges of corporate culinary cuisine. Big fucking deal. You play cornhole (phrasing?) at the weekend company bar b cue wearing the company logoed T-shirt, getting drunk and making sexist remarks to the hot young people all in good fun.

Where is the real fire to succeed? Who is leading that charge? Who is on the edge and lives it for the company. Who inspires any and all to go down that path like no other? Not you? Not hard to see that from a million miles away. The word I’ve heard is “purposeful culture.”

 4. You have no idea who they really are.

The kid with the socks. The girl with that killer ass. The blonde. The red bearded one. They are just not descript parts of the scenery to you. You treat them like a number and they respond that way. You want them to pay the rent and pay their dues. They want to change the world. They want to do work that matters. They will get you coffee, stay late and help your ass make a deadline and make eyes at the pictures of your kids and grandkids. But, they are not in it to make sure you keep up the lease on your new Mercedes. They are in it to pour gas on it and watch it burn while you stand there in shock. They are the kind of people who will then give you the cash to pay for it just because they can.

They will give you all they have and then some, but it’s you that will decide what you get. It got to be something bigger than just your bottom line.

You think it’s about an age or generational difference.

I don’t see it that way at all.

It’s just people trying to do the best and be the best.

Just people.

They are the sons and daughters of somebody who I am sure cares about them dearly.

Don’t you feel at least one tiny bit of responsibility?

What do you bring to work every day?

I know what most all the people and companies I hang around do.

Evey Mother Fucking Day!

Every Day!

What Special Magic Do I See In The Best #CRE Startup Companies? You Might Be Surprised.


+1  It’s inspiring as hell. It truly is.



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