What My Real Day Of Commercial Real Estate and Social Media Looks Like.

What My Real Day Of Commercial Real Estate And Social Media looks like.

It Never Fails.

No matter what city I travel to or what conference/events I attend I always get THE question.

” How much time do you really spend doing social media and does it really pay off ?”

A fair question no doubt from anyone who has taken a peek at anything I may have put out online.

This is certainly not a earth shattering subject for many of you but it still amazes me how many people want to find and ask for tips and tricks to help them with commercial real estate and social media.

Now to make a few simple statements.

This is how I do it.

This not how you have to do it.

There are literally thousands of posts on how you should do it. Go read them all if you want.

If you think you already know it all and are “webinaring” your ass off to prove it……power to you.

Don’t forget to check your Facebook account and Like your third cousin’s daughter’s cat meme’s.

If you have made one of my “Top Whatever Lists” and think you are soooo beyond this subject.

Go check the referral links from the lists and then ask me to take you off of them. Dare You!

This is a pretty simple thing really. Just remember somebody out there get’s $10,000 a day and expenses to tell people how to click a Tweet button. Yes I agree the world is not fair.

Everyday it starts.

Up in the morning in my bathrobe slippers and White Sox hat. Grab my little Eee PC ( oh wait I don’t have some $3500 fancy apple orange status statement to do my special technological tasks) and sit at my desk.

Right to email first thing. Junk and junk and junk I delete. The ones that demand immediate attention I respond to. The other ‘s I put in a daily task folder.

Next is a check of the local and regional news from my area. Keeping up with all the business necessary.

Then to Twitter. I open TweetDeck. Who has mentioned me? Who has responded to my DM? Who is following me that I want to delete? Who will I follow? If I have something to post I let it fly. I usually go back thru the tweet-stream about one hour and scroll up to the minute. If it is interesting I re-tweet it. I do usually keep TweetDeck up during the day.

Important note. I listen and read more than anything else. I was voted the most influential person on Twitter by CCIM Magazine.

Guess how many tweets I do a day? Come on pick a number. Wrong! I average 2.8 tweets a day. That’s it ! Not 10-20-30-50.

That in and of itself is a statement. Shut up and listen.

Next I click on LinkedIn and head to the Groups section. I started several and I am the admin for them so I do the house cleaning which means deleting the crap (it’s not hard to see) and approving the good content (it’s not hard to see either) to make it a more readable group. I then click over to approve the people that want to be part of the group. Yes I do check their profiles to see who they are and if the seem like a fit for the group. Don’t like the way I do it? Start your own damn group and get thousands of participants. Go ahead it’s easy.

The blog the blog the blog.

I click on the admin section and check for incoming comments and see if they need approval and moderation.

If I have any ideas or thoughts I usually put them in an idea draft post. I also check my Evernote and see If I have any there and transfer them into a draft also.

I personally try not to be too technical with the workings of the blog so I leave it alone. It’s working so why screw it up?

I do check on some specific posts if they seem to be trending hot. Is it the subject? Is it the timing? Is it the F-bombs? 🙂

I have said this a thousand times. I do not watch the numbers. I don’t really care how many thousands of views there are. Yes I may sometimes mention it. Specifically when someone is in the posts and asks. Example: Motionloft. I got a nice bump from Mark Cuban on Twitter. Did it make the post get thousands of more hits? Of course it did. I relayed that message along with a thank you to Josh the CEO of Motionloft. He was just gauging what his reach was for his company.

I do spend more time reading and researching for the blog content ( that has and can be another post on it’s own) than I do actually writing it. I need to have those thoughts in my mind when I sit down and let it flow. Right this very second I have several little sentences and phrases below this line. I will obliviously erase them from the final draft but you get the idea.

Time is time.

Real time.

I usually get to the computer at 6:30 a.m and stay on until 7:00 a.m.

I will hop back on around lunch time 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. unless I am lunching with someone.

I will hit the blog and try to write and research at least one half hour each day and that time depends on what I may have scheduled.

That’s it. Approximately 1 and 1/2 hours a day.

To some that may seem like an enormous amount of time to others not so much.

So you may ask “what do you do with the entire rest of your day?” Well…..commercial real estate stuff….just like everyone else!

So where is that magical social media secret sauce? Does it exist? Where is the payoff? Is that it?

All I can say is this.

Take a little time.

Have an opinion.

Put in a little attitude.

It’s that simple.

Social media and Commercial Real Estate Everyday.

Opinions points of view and comments are always appreciated.




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Duke Long


  • Duke,

    Thank you for sharing how you integrate social media into your day. It’s important to make social media a priority. With all the things competing for one’s attention, social media often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. If we can integrate it into our day it makes the task not only a priority, but something we do naturally.

    I’m still curious about results. You mention that you do not track the numbers, but how do you measure what’s working? The average real estate broker wants to know how social media translates into dollars. How do we do that?

    Sales growth is one of the many benefits to running a successful social media marketing campaign. But in order to achieve that goal, I try to take a deeper dive to identify specific targets that will lead to this end result. For example, is the goal to increase website traffic, establish credibility, increase SEO, raise awareness, or reach a specific new audience? It’s from these goals that we can determine the direction to take on social media – both in the content we develop and the execution of our plan (i.e. time allocated).Do you see how setting goals such as these could lead higher sales? I try to think of social media as a tool that builds my reputation,generates awareness and brings “more eyes” to my business. Then, it’s up to me to provide the “finish” with sound business fundamentals by: providing excellent service when working with clients.

    I would like to hear more about your specific goals and how you use social media to meet them (aka how it translates to more business).


    • Michael,
      You have defined it clearly in your comment.
      ” I try to think of social media as a tool that builds my reputation,generates awareness and brings “more eyes” to my business. Then, it’s up to me to provide the “finish” with sound business fundamentals by: providing excellent service when working with clients.”
      It’s that simple.