What Is Commercial Real Estate Missing? One Word: Individuality!

Take a look at the phrases below.

What do commercial real estate brokers do?

How to become a commercial real estate agent.

How to become a commercial real estate broker.

Commercial real estate license.

Getting into commercial real estate.

So you want to get into commercial real estate.

How much does a commercial real estate broker make?

How to run a commercial real estate company.

How to get a job in commercial real estate.

Obviously, these are phrases that are used when someone is Googling and wants to do some research about what it takes to get into commercial real estate.

Here is what’s interesting. Those words are directly cut and pasted from the backend of my site. It’s how people are getting to my blog. Also, this is not an occasional thing. This is every day!

And I would say most of the time they get a search result and they are directed to this post.

10 Reasons You Will NEVER Become A Commercial Real Estate Broker.

Yes, this article has become for me the definition of viral. It gets more views than my homepage every day.

The steady stream of emails are indeed endless. I try and make sure to respond to them all.

Point man?

Think about it for a minute.

One of the first impressions someone gets about the business of commercial real estate is my seminal (look it up) rant about why they don’t have what it takes to make it in our business.

So, I know what you are thinking. That can’t be. Go ahead I will wait while you copy and paste a few of the phrases in Google.

BOOM, I have already tried. Not sure about you but when I do I’m on the top or in the first three every time.

What’s missing and why?

If you took the time to look there were also other articles about the business of commercial real estate.

They range in the way they answer the question of what it takes but most if not all come down to this.

1. Team up with an existing commercial agent in your market.
2. Specialize in a specific market and/or property type.
3. Build a great website. Connect with your community.
4. Create an email database list for updates and listings.
5. Be transparent and authentic.

Good stuff right? Then why is my article almost always at the top?

Well for one thing it gets so many hits it’s driven to the top.

It gets so many hits because it’s REAL WORLD.

Real world as in not everyone gets a trophy for just participating kind of real.

They want to know what it takes and what it’s going to be like if they loose.

The generic “hey everyone does this, and it works” bullshit is just that. Bullshit.

The entire world knows that.

Think about this.

Do you want someone who just does what’s required or expected?

I know your answer. “Hell no that’s not how I did it.”

Then why continue the bullshit?

The ten things I put out there are by no means any standard and was never intended to be remotely considered as such.

But guess what. Thousands and thousands and thousands of views about how real it is.

Maybe I am helping filter out the one’s who don’t have a chance at making it.

Maybe I am encouraging the one’s who really can.

Prime Rib.

I just had a wonderful dinner with some “seasoned” veterans of commercial real estate.

In that setting as with most “business networking” environments, there is the chance to be an individual along with being professional and representative of a brand.


Does that mean that personality and individualism take a back seat?

Of course not.

So why is that not represented online?

Why is the canned generic and safe always the norm?

What kind of people are we going to attract to this business when that’s all they see?

The take no chances fall in line wear a suit and do it the “this way” kind of people.

Yes, I know.

“But Duke it’s easy for you. You have built up a huge following. You don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder. I have to do deals in my local market and my reputation and relationships are the most important things I have.”

I have heard that a thousand times and I have also said that a thousand times and I get it.

You may be THE MAN but you damn well want to make sure you either stay the man or you want to make sure that man who signs your checks does not take away the one thing you think is the most important thing to you.


Or the ability to make it.

What is really lost when you hold back from your individuality, your own unique self?

Do you let guys like me rise to the top?

Not only just to the top of Google.

But, top of mind to any and all who may enter?

I can’t possibly have that kind of influence and pull can I?

The people reading that post for better or worse are taking that in as part of their reality.

So, hide behind the suits and shitty generic glam shots.

Let your wife’s second cousin’s tattooed juco drop out handle your website and online marketing.

Keep the barriers of entry up and the cycle for success long and arduous.

Hold close and true the layers of unnecessary and irrelevant bureaucracy.

Cling to that yellow pad and pen like it’s the last thing connecting you to reality and your true thoughts.

If there is anything that I have learned the last few years which saddens me and that is this.

What Is Commercial Real Estate Missing? One Word: Individuality!



+1 Yes, I know Carlin was considered a liberal. Get the fuck over yourself.

+1+1 BTW posting your political views online is helping your business how????










Duke Long