What If You Lost The Only Two Advantages You Have As A Broker?

What If You Lost The Only Two Advantages You Have As A Broker?

You know what those two things are don’t you?

1. Personalized intelligence: 

Unique local knowledge.


Transactional experience.

2. Personal relationships:

Emotional IQ.

Sphere building.

That’s it!

Is this not the basis of your entire career?

Without those basics how is it possible to do your job?

Look at each individual piece. If you have each one down you are what? Fucking Killing It!

Am I Right?

You are the KING of all brokers.

How is it possible that anyone or anything could take those things away from you?

Let me ask you a simple question.

What makes these tasks so special?

Is it because you (you special person you) do them?

Look again. How many of those tasks are repetitive tasks?

How hard is it to find data about your market? Come on it’s not that hard.

How about the transaction? Plug in some numbers and the process is just about the same. You actually try and make it easier or a “better experience”  each time do you not?

Then there is the emotional IQ or as I call it the “we do business with people we like to do business with” handshake and trustworthy professional piece.

I thought this was commercial real estate. Location + Data = $$$ in the bank. Numbers not emotion.

Small side rant: Whoever figures out how to fundamentally change how we interact when we discover and transact commercial real estate deals……….I will come and sleep in your yard until you let me fund your brilliant ass!

How far have we come in each of these areas?

Yes, I’m going to say it. What part of each of these processes have we not started to automate?

I’m not talking about robots here. I’m talking about automation and yes that involves software algorithms and those damn computers.

But wait a minute.

What if this is a good thing?

What if this makes what you do better?

Have not figured that part out yet? Oooh, not a good sign on your part.

Think about it in this way.

Do you want to be the person that uses that technology to “enhance your skills?”

Or do you want to be the one that gets replaced like the person behind the counter at your local fast food restaurant?

Do you find it offensive that what you do could be compared to what most teens see as a starter job?

Is your ego so big that you can’t possibly fathom the inevitable change staring you in the face?

Are your skill sets that far removed?

I’m not so sure.

They may be closer than you think.

What If You Lost The Only Two Advantages You Have As A Broker?


+1 Keep laughing. 





Duke Long