What Every Social Media Type Should Know About Commercial Real Estate

If I were a  Social Media Type person looking at Commercial Real Estate as gold mine of consulting fees,speaking engagements and training events. I might consider this:

-Explain a blog and what,how and why they need to use one.  As in location specific.

-Show how and why they need to use pictures. Cost ,ease of use and how to put it on a blog.

-Show how to use simple video maybe a Flip doing community interest shots and also how to post.

-Show examples of hyper local blogging.  Make them understand that may be the only way they will have a chance to connect.

-Get a real haircut…not a faux hawk.  Wear a tie not jeans and a bad beard. Think the commercial real estate world is casual?  Suit up or stay away.

-Take the time to get involved in the Commercial Real estate community. Have some CRE cred. We are a tight community. If we are just one of your many “global” ( in your mind) network of clients…. you  might want to consult,speak, educate….. play somewhere else.

-Encourage the use of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the only site they are barely comfortable with. The professional barriers still provide comfort. Teach interaction and conversation.

-Twitter use.  They do not want to waste time trying to find clients.  Believe me the clients they have don’t waste time on Twitter either. Connection, research,brand building maybe….you need to come up with a hell of a lot better reasons than that…or don’t show up. Hint: Measurement!

-Tweet ups and Meet ups.  Show us that the people who attend these things are not there to pitch “Social Media” or” Digital Marketing”  with a straight face…and we will show up!

-Online local community network building. Go ahead and pitch it. The commercial real estate business is all of that already…add in local and location…you may get to stay in the room for a couple more minutes. Case studies and practical applications.

-Analytics and Measurement. You better at least trot out something like Radian 6 or something similar. Don’t think it is necessary?  Don’t show up!

Just some thoughts….We can see, smell, and detect bullshit a mile away in our sleep……and right now it’s pretty ripe

Duke Long