We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate “As A Service” World.

We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate “As A Service” World. 

Commercial real estate has evolved from a Products Era to a Products and Services Era. We then went from Products and Services to the Customer Focused Era and eventually to where most think we are now, and that is the Relationship Focused Era.

You hear and see it every piece of press every day. “Commercial Real Estate Is A Relationship Business.”

I understand why that needs to be the mantra of commercial real estate, but I must disagree with that to a point.

The rest of the world and commercial real estate itself has fundamentally moved on.

We are now in the “As A Service” stage of commercial real estate.

This is a fundamental shift in the way, not only we in commercial real estate but the entire business world now works.

Within commercial real estate, we now have:

Brokerage as a service.

Facilities Management as a service.

Analytics as a service.

Buildings as a service.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a service.

Accounting as a service.

Management as a service.

Data as a service.

Relationships as a service.

BlockChain as a service. (Shhhhhhh, working on it.)

And almost any other part of commercial real estate is “as a service.”

There have been some maybe many who have been fearful of this undeniable shift.

With this shift, it brings with it endless opportunities.

There is no longer any need to be held hostage by outdated and antiquated legacy systems.

You can feel a sense of urgency to progress, and that sense of urgency cannot be understated.

The stakes are as high for a world dominating asset class as they have ever been.

Even more so now that there is an obvious path.

We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate “As A Service” World.

And this is just the beginning.


+1 It’s easy to comprehend a global asset class. It’s even more daunting when it’s true.

Duke Long


  • Duke — OK — Perhaps with 13 years as a licensee and 9 years in CRE, I am late to the game and have no historical perspective. Despite your description of earlier concepts, my first response to the headline, “commercial real estate as a service” or your comment “commercial real estate is a relationship business”, my reaction is, “Yes? And your point is??? Compared to what?”