Unfortunately, You Can’t Do Your Job Right, And It’s Not Your Fault. It’s The Lack Of Technology That’s Holding You Back.

So, it’s not your fault, after all, it’s that damn technology and all its complete BS that’s holding you back.

You do have a database in some kind of Microsoft database thing along with a bunch of archived Excel spreadsheets. They even have classes and tutorials for those things so how hard can it be? If you want to get and stay on the tech edge you let your peers know you have this special deal and numbers analytical tool you use. Personally, I went to school for that stuff way back in the day so that makes me techy too. And between you and I, that’s about all we need. It works.

Here’s our problem, to this point in time as in 2019, that’s all we have needed. We, you and I are blazing out into the market at the speed of Excel. Columns, numbers, rows, and rows of columns and numbers. Admit it you kind of like it. It brings out the nerd in you and makes you feel smart.

What should you have in front of you right now today? I, of course, know exactly what that is.

Pull out your phone and hit a button, what should you see?

-Market indices and charts that YOU have set up specifically for you. It’s the data and market info/intel you want to see first thing every morning. Supposedly there is all the AI in the world, how hard can it be.

-You should be able to track specific patterns and indicators. You want to set and see patterns. Patterns that will give you actionable data. You should also want to be able to load in your own ideas of what that is. Maybe even enabling a personal AI solution. Now it’s getting interesting.

-From that same app, you should be able to load and track specific deals. You should also be able to change any part of that deal and get instant updates about those deals when you make those changes. You should to be able to create, test and automate different strategies. You should be able to create dozens of prebuilt strategy components or possibly models. Models that are targeted by geography, property type, and financial structure. How does that compare to the market this very second? Otherwise, what’s the point.

-All this information will be sharable to whomever you want ant anytime you want, as a matter of fact, you want to share it, it will help you make more deals, why hide it? Hiding that information kills potential deals.

-Let me throw this one in there, how about the ability to trade from this same “solution.” It should not be that difficult. AI(Data) + Automation (Transactional) + Market Data (Market Intelligence) = A Trade.

There it is, simply put your 2019 deal-making, portfolio, market tracking solution.

Unfortunately, You Can’t Do Your Job Right, And It’s Not Your Fault. It’s The Lack Of Technology That’s Holding You Back.


+1 Excel and a templated auto-fill doc sent in a PDF in 2019 still.

+1+1 I will say it for you, the tech people SUCK at their job and try and blame you for it.




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