Unauthorized Nardigras Live Blog!

This weekend I will be attending the annual conference for the National Association of Realtors in New Orleans ( oh, do I have some stories…) or Nardigras.   I was asked if I wanted to be a” livecaster” for the event.  The commitment would have been for the entire week….which was just not possible for me.  So, I decided to Live Blog on www.crepodca.st. I call it, “Unauthorized ” you can call it what you want.  There are several people whom have asked to meet and connect with me at the event.  Can’t wait!  This should be a fun and interesting trip…why don’t you pop in and play along with me.  Comment ,ask questions,suggest people to meet,whatever.  Just a side …I do not need any help finding the after hours “events”<<<I am a professional!

Duke Long

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