“Twitter Still Confounds” You? How About A Quick Crash Course.

“Twitter Still Confounds” You? How About A Quick Crash Course.

It started with this.

And then this.


It has been seven years.

Joined Twitter

1.  Hit the search box and search for their name or company name. Are they not there? Why are they hiding?

2. Set up an alert or list to follow their stream. Use Tweetdeck or something similar. CHECK IT Every Day.

3. Engage with that person’s tweets. ENGAGE and be Genuine. ENGAGE I said!

4. Give them the public love. Favorite their tweets. ReTweet something you genuinely support or find relevant.

5. REPEAT. I said, “REPEAT.”

6. Get a reply from them. Yes, you will. Get a reply and when it happens ask to take it offline. 7. Set up a phone call or quick meeting for coffee or lunch. I have done this hundred if not thousands of times. 

8. Check my stream and see if I do the seven things above. I know I do. I do it without even thinking about it.


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How about showing your personality and have a little fun with your business friends.  


Hey, Tanner have some serious fun with our mutual friend who wears a motorcycle helmet and does not even own a motorcycle.

Throw down the gauntlet on the world and let them know you are flying it high. #TheyMightBePirates

Did I mention the free business intel and industry news?

( Hey Tanner, do I have your attention yet?)

How about a free and open platform to push content, your own content?

Still not convinced?

I know you use LinkedIn. I do we all do——BUT.

LinkedIn is more corporate and more behind the wall. It’s the “allowed”  social media platform.

It’s seen as the “sales and connection ” platform for professionals.

LinkedIn has slowed down for me. The groups continue to grow. The interaction is still there. But it’s more of a white paper statement of a business.

How easy is it to interact with a company on LinkedIn?

Twitter makes it pretty simple.

Twitter is now second behind search engines for referring links on my site. LinkedIn is third.

LinkedIn has more users than Twitter.

LinkedIn was second forever—-until this year. What does that say?

Twitter is quick easy to use and just one of the tools I use for business every day.


So, Tanner “Twitter Still Confounds” You? How About A Quick Crash Course.


+1 I filter everyone who follows me. Only #CRE!


Duke Long

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