Transparency Accountability and Your Honest Building!

Transparency Accountability and Your Honest Building.

Want to know how “green” your building is? How about the building your boss is looking to move your company into? What if someone who actually occupies the building has an opinion about the space the management the owners and the people in it? Sound far fetched? Well, it’s already here and it’s called Honest Buildings.

1. What is Honest Buildings?
Honest Buildings is a software platform focused on buildings. It brings together building service providers, occupants, owners, and other stakeholders onto a single portal to exchange information, offerings, and needs. It provides a voice for everyone who occupies buildings, works with buildings, and owns buildings globally to comment, display projects, and solicit business with the macro goal of creating a more sustainable environment.

2. Who can use Honest Buildings?
Everyone! Honest Buildings is available for anyone who occupies buildings, works with or in buildings, and building owners and managers.

3. Why should I use Honest Buildings?
Creating a profile on Honest Buildings is quick, free, and comes with great resources and tools.

For Service Providers

  • Increase company exposure and build brand awareness.
  • Share completed projects and highlight team members across popular social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Drive business by attracting new clients with your showcased projects and networking with the Honest Buildings Community.
  • Profile information will be included and searchable in the Honest Buildings directory.

For Owners and Managers

  • Provides an easy way to connect with local service providers to complete building projects.
  • Attract new tenants by highlighting innovative projects and building upgrades.
  • Increase exposure for space to be leased in all market types.
  • Get real time valuable feedback from occupants.
  • Profile information will be included and searchable in the Honest Buildings directory.

For Occupants

  • Provides a safe, secure place to leave positive or negative feedback on the spaces they occupy.
  • Allows potential occupants the opportunity to review a buildings projects, occupant comments, and ratings.
What will this do for commercial real estate?
Simple is creates transparency and accountability like never before.
If you own building that is in the data base do you ignore Honest Buildings? Uh, only at your peril.
How will this affect the values and perceptions of buildings? Like never before.
They have 50,000 buildings already included in the database and over 10 billion square feet of space.
Yes I know you are hitting the site right now and checking to see if your building is in there.
Tell me you won’t bookmark it and make comments .
The market now decides how your building looks,talks,acts,breathes,rents,smells,competes,or dies.
Welcome to your Honest Building!

Duke Long


  • Duke:

    I am surprised no one has commented on this post. Honest buildings offers the opportunity for as you state “real time valuable feedback from occupants.” Those occupants are tenants, folks! Has your asset been flamed on a public, static, searchable, social media platform today? How can you prevent that from happening? These are important questions and might **wink wink** affect marketability in some way.

    • Jeffery,
      They are a sleeping GIANT. They have a great team they are funded all they do is create product and crank it out. I with you…I think most people don’t or won’t see the significance…until it’s maybe too late!