Top 10 This Top 50 That. Why All The #CRE Lists? And Why In The Hell Am I Not On One?

Top 10 This Top 50 That. Why All The #CRE Lists? And Why In The Hell Am I Not On One?

When does it end?

If you have paid any attention in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been right in the middle of my summer #CRE lists.

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This all started way back in 2010.

Top 39 Commercial Real Estate people you must connect with on LinkedIN

Has it been that long? I guess it has.

Lists or listicles as some call them are nothing new to the internet.

BUT! Back in 2010, there was NOTHING in #CRE.

It was all I could do to find #CRE people on Twitter, LinkedIn and anyone other than ” professional” people writing about #CRE.

Side not so much rant: This is the first thing I had published in November 2009.

And now, Duke Long:

Yea hey hi hello everyone.  I’m a Commercial Real Estate Broker.  Many many thanks to the Agent Genius people for the opportunity to bring a little Commercial RE point of view.  If you take a close look at the picture some of you may be thinking “he obliviously thinks he is this ass kicking testosterone fed alpha male big boy broker.” Well…. Kinda, yeah.

The reality is that right now I feel like the guy on the bottom.  I was in a meeting with some other alpha male brokers this week and do you think they had the balls to admit they were getting pounded?  HELL NO.  What are the stages of grief again?  Shock, Denial, Pain, etc…it got me thinking.

Where are we in the Commercial real estate market? 1st year of recovery? 2nd quarter of the “L”?. 3rdmatrix of the bounce?  There are a lot of educated opinions out there.  Some of them not so bad in comparison. Some more middle of the road.  Some more that are pretty hardcore.  The daily reality that I deal with is very simple.  Prices for a Commercial property are down, banks are failing, lending has all but dried up, and distressed properties just sit.

Why am I doing this?

Then why am I still hitting the street like Madmen? (AMC channel reference?)  Kids, wife, dogs, cats, Universities to feed, you know… the alpha male thing.  We still, in my opinion, have at least a year or two to recover all the job losses from the past years.  Commercial RE is 100% dependent on job expansion and contraction.  There is still a huge supply of space out there available for what may be considered a Buyer/Tenant priced market.

Will the market crash?  No.  There are way too many signs that the market has stabilization, REIT’s look to be on firm ground and commercial loan modifications are easing the potential ticking time bomb.  Well, you may ask how does Mr. Hot Shot Commercial RE Broker survive in this market hell?  One simple word.  PEOPLE.

Doin’ it old school & new school

I use every tool available to me to get in front of people who need my service.  Old school tactics like calling them on the phone..remember that?  Networking groups, email property info, showing up at bank and title functions etc..New school stuff like, you know that online Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter thingy.  When has this ever changed?

I have always tried to do whatever it takes to create value and service for my clients. Will I be in the beautiful, painful, stressful exciting, hit the lottery kind of money Commercial Real Estate business 20 years from now?  Take another look at the picture …you know what?  Maybe I am the guy on the top.  I’ve been there, and it’s Damn Good!

Source: The American Genius.

Wow, what a flashback!

Think about what the market was like back then.

The response to this simple article was EXPLOSIVE for me.

Now that I look back it’s what started it ALL.

The amount of people who reached out and wanted to connect, interact and comment was something new and different.

I had no idea of the reach and potential “influence” that writing could have. (Me naive?)

Building A Tribe?

It started me thinking.

Who were the other #CRE people out there kicking serious #CRE ass?

Where were they?

What did they focus on and how could I help them get some form of recognition?

Think back again. The media was still dominated by people who went to school and were taught how to write about #CRE.

They had at that time and still have in my opinion no fucking clue what we do.

Where were the real voices and deal makers, the people in the streets and in the conference rooms doing deals and making shit happen?

The Criteria.

I’ve been emailed messaged and asked maybe a thousand times. (Yes, it’s that many.)

” What does it take?”

” How do you come up with?”

” Why are they…”

” Do you know what he is known for…”

” Why did you leave me…”

Let me state this:

IT”S MY LIST. Let me state that again. IT”S MY LIST.

I’m trying to give you a bit of the background history and origins.

Did someone make the list because they send me booze?

The answer is NO! It’s just a fun way not to take this too serious.

Although my boy Ken is a man among men!



There is NO criteria….mostly.

Are there people on the lists that I have met? Of course.

Are there people on the lists I have not met? Of course.

Are there people from everywhere on the lists? Of course.

Yes, the lists have been dominated by people in the U.S. I live here. What do you expect?

It’s starting to take on a more global feel. It was inevitable. #CRE is Global!

Here is a thought. No one from China is on any list that I can think of. Never a word. They seem to be doing just fine.

How much more?

How much more knowledge?

How much more interaction?

How much more educated?

How much more do you feel a part of something big and important?

How much more do you feel like you are contributing?

How much more of a world view?

How much more of all of the above and then some do you have now compared to before…………the lists……and your inclusion.

Top 10 This Top 50 That. Why All The #CRE Lists? And Why In The Hell Am I Not On One?


+1 Look out for the Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People 2016 coming this fall. Or as I may call it Survive! #ThePurge. Maybe I should upend the whole thing and make the list with new people every year?

+1+1 My list of top 75 tech companies. Never going to happen again. Want to know who they are? $$$$ “Cash money homey!”

+1+1+1 Survive! #ThePurge


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