This Is EXACTLY How A Tradable Data Marketplace Will Work And I Challenge Michael Mandel Ceo Compstak

I recently posted We Need A Tradable Data Marketplace And We Need To Build It Ourselves.

Now, if you are too lazy to click and read for reference, I’m not going to help you catch up.

If you did, thanks so much and let’s jump right in.

To start off with the basis for this in any shape or form to work must include collaboration.

And you say well good luck Duke, you are indeed dreaming. I agree to disagree with you on that one.

I stated the basics for the platform (highlighted in red below) with very simple guidelines.

– A FREE secured database populated by (with the contributing companies as partners) public and readily available data.

– The database will have an agreed to standard base data set.

– The data will be updated by the entire marketplace.

– Each contributor will gain a Value for that contribution.

– The value is created with the database and stays within the database.

– They will NOT pay to source other contributors data.

– The source of and verification of that data will be the benchmark for inclusion in the marketplace.

-The infrastructure needed to support the database will be supported by…….the marketplace. Think about that.

-Again Zero cost and a value added for populating and updating the marketplace. Globally.

Now, my friend Michael Mandel emailed me with his points of disagreement. He may yet still write and expand his opinion in its entirety for me to post up. He asked and of course, I said yes.

One very important point that I want to make is that at no place, day, evening, minute, or second of time have I suggested that this marketplace is or should be some kind of consortium or association initiative. One of the points that Michael made to me and I 100% agree with is that whatever iterations or attempts and anything like this in that past has had exactly ZERO traction and or adoption. In other words, it FAILED and FAILED miserably.

Hey, Michael, who said it can’t be just one company? Who said they can’t make money from this? Who said you have it all figured out? NOT ME!

But Michael, today is a new day and with all professionalism and appreciation for your intelligence, Let Me Bury Your Ass.

This Is EXACTLY How A Tradable Data Marketplace Can And Will Work.


What we have now is SaaS and that’s just fine, for now. What we need is a more secure and trusted infrastructure to allow companies that participate to GAIN from their cooperation. That infrastructure will allow that and allow it to scale.

Create A New Model.

That model is what? Free to participate and incentivised to add data. Then get paid for that data. How, with private keys. And why not make sure the database sustains and funds itself.  The phrase is ” Better Than Free.”

Private Keys.

What are private keys? It’s and API Key that is private!  What is an API Key? Put those together with BlockChain Protocol and what do you get?

Democratize the process.

Self-funding and sustaining with the ability to function in any country and within any property system. Did I mention scalable? I’m sure I did. Who owns this again? We, Us, not someone else that takes and NEVER gives back. EVER!

Liquidity To Database and Participate.

24/7 worldwide. It creates a more robust and functional database. A marketplace that is real-time and incentivised to function that way. No downtime, no closing bell, no restrictions of defined geography and or legacy systems.

We Have Specialized Knowledge.

The marketplace for commercial real estate is created how? It’s created where?  Locally. Why? You know that answer. How about the same scenario but globally? THINK ABOUT THAT ONE!

So, Michael, please tear this apart. Prove me wrong. Make it real.

I’ve stated my position.

This Is EXACTLY How A Tradable Data Marketplace Will Work And I Challenge Michael Mandel Ceo Compstak.


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