The Tech Grind…As I See It. Of Course This Will Offend Some People.

The Tech Grind…As I See It. Of Course This Will Offend Some People.

Knee deep and in the weeds. (See I didn’t say balls deep. Keeping it cleanish.)

As I have mentioned a few times, I am on the road quite a bit this year meeting with as many tech companies as I can. Most if not all are very forthcoming and positive about where they are and where they are going. Power to them all and they know I am their biggest cheerleader.

Doing a startup is hard, and they know it. They live it every day. It’s what most people and I call “The Grind.”

I’m in and around it all the time and me being me I see and observe things.

Things that are great and things that are not so great.

But if not for me where would the real world dose of reality come from?

My guess is nowhere and sure as hell not as I do it.

So with discourse…(look it up) a look inside at what it takes.

Firing your best friend from 7th grade.

Realizing that this is the first time in two years that you leave the airport and have not checked in for your next flight.

How many phone calls to actual and tomorrow with yesterday’s add them up? It’s not enough.

Creating a 32 slide deck that you present to your team which says that we execute this in the next nine months or we are all fucked.

Get on the fucking boat and row or get the fuck off and drown like the rest of the weak asses.

Be ahead of the curve and cutting to the bone. It may be more of a blessing in disguise than you think.

It’s either an office and culture of winning and fun, or it’s toxic and dying or already dead. Not too hard to see.

It’s not skimming three people from the original team (especially the blond) and trying “to do something better.” That attitude is what made the other team fail…with you leading the way.

Need people to grow? Raise some fucking money and pay them.

From day one the grind of the CEO is  1. Sell the vision 2. Recruit the best. 3. Keep money in the bank. How may times has that been said and been paid no heed.

150 square feet per person. Do the math. Wow, that’s an actual real estate thing I did right there.

Your burn and AR. Quit lying.

On the same note, quit trash-talking everyone in the space. If you are not the CEO of that company, you have no real idea what is going on inside another company. BTW they are trash talking you the same way. How does it feel?

If you haven’t guessed by now, I SAY NOTHING.  I get asked a lot. I SAY NOTHING.

I’ve been told I have a great poker face. It’s genetic. My little gift. Don’t test it.

Webinar Circle Jerks. Wait, if they are with just your team and potential customers they are effective and excellent engagement marketing otherwise…Circle Jerks.

Scale, is what to you? I know what it is and talking about it and not showing me actual customers and growth is…NOT SCALE.

One market is not scale. Even if it is in New York.

Speaking of New York when I was there last it was snowing sideways. It did the same in Atlanta the next week. I think I was colder then. Hotlanta my ass.

What is your valuation today? I will ask you the same question in three months. If you give me the same answer, I will automatically think you are an alien from another planet with no clue about the world you now inhabit.

Question: What is the leakiest part of your funnel and what percentage of improvement in that area equals a faster conversion rate? Your answer off the top of your head is? Don’t know? You’re fucked!

What is your daily demo count? Triple it! How? If I have to tell you, we are both fucked.

BBQ is my go-to lunch, even if I’m on the west coast. I didn’t get my dad bod by eating Quinoa. Saves us all a lot of time and trouble and thank you ahead of time. Oh and Angel’s Envy. I’m not asking. Some geniuses already have it in stock.

Silos, Silos, Silos. You are in one. Yes, you are. Get out or die. Yes, niche and focus matter but paying customers over an extended period equals a sustainable company.

Some of the best companies ideas and execution have come from people who have actually been in the commercial real estate business. Sorry tech people. It is what it is.

On Twitter, I said that if I didn’t think your idea or company was great and slurped it up, you thought I was just a dick. Here’s looking at you Crowdfunding. Let the fraud begin and scams start collapsing… Google that shit. It’s happening.

The #CRETech shakeup is not coming I said NOT coming. Do you know why? It’s already here.

What happens now? Only the best brightest strongest and with the deepest pockets survive.

Go look in the mirror. Are you one of them? Really, do you think so?

One last thing. I’m in this for the long haul….besides…I AM…

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The Tech Grind…As I See It. Of Course This Will Offend Some People.

+1 I fucking run FightClub.

+1+1 Props to Ryan @GetGenea the gif is EPIC.

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