The Rich Get Richer In #CRE And #TECH And You Are Doing, Jack Shit, To Stop It!

Yea, I said it, not doing Jack Shit. That’s what you, us, we, and yes I are doing. Not Jack Shit!

And what am I referencing, Time, Effort, and $$$$!

How about this? It could be argued that it has been a complete fucking waste of time! Complete!

Or even better yet you, us, we and yes I are actually helping.

Helping The Rich Get Even Richer.


By helping Hype Up and grow a marketplace that is dominated by…____________!!!

Ten Legacy Companies that only continue to grow and grow and grow market share!

Real Estate Software Industry 2018 Business Overview, Analysis, Trends, Growth, Share, Applications, Development, and Forecast to 2025.

Argus Financial Software, CoStar, Oracle Corp, Kingdee, Yardi Systems, are the key suppliers in the Global Real Estate Software market. Top 10 took up about 61% of the global market in 2016. Argus Financial Software, CoStar, Oracle Corp, which have leading technology and market position, are well-known suppliers around the world. Over the next five years, LPI(LP Information) projects that Real Estate Software will register a 5.6% CAGR in terms of revenue, reach US$ 4270 million by 2023, from US$ 3080 million in 2017. Source – Marketwatch

What happened with CoStar Group this quarter?

Companywide net new bookings jumped 15% to $50 million, fueled by the strong growth of, which continues to widen its lead over its competitors.

“We averaged 17 million unique visitors per month over the course of the year, according to ComScore, which is an increase of 35% compared to 2017,” CEO Andrew Florance said during a conference call with analysts. “This is by far the most in the industry, as we continue to pull away from RentPath, which … averaged less than 8.8 million unique visitors per month.”

Results were also strong across CoStar Group’s other business segments. CoStar Suite revenue rose 16% to $142 million, while revenue in the company’s commercial property and land segment, which includes LoopNet, increased 17% to $46 million. Source – Motley Fool

MRI Software Announces a Year of Record Growth in Revenue, Business Wins and Partners, Extending its Footprint in Key Markets.

MRI revenue increased 56% in 2018 compared to 2017 and more than doubled in the past two years. The company continued strong growth momentum with bookings (sales for future business) increasing by a record 71%, with significant growth coming from the EMEA region. The number of new clients added globally in 2018 grew by 44% compared to those added in 2017, while MRI’s total installed base increased by 38% last year through both acquisitions and organic growth.

The company also underlined its commitment to maintaining an open and connected ecosystem of real estate technology providers, bolstering its extensive Partner Connect network with 21 new additions during 2018, bringing the total to 142 partners. The continuing value of MRI’s partner network to its clients was demonstrated by the fact the company created 75 new technology integrations with partners and recorded 192 million data exchanges between clients and partners in 2018 – up from 80 million the year before. Source- Platform Communications

That’s just two examples, what about the others? I think you know the answer to that question. It’s called making bank!

Is it because the commercial real estate market is doing so well as an asset class globally? Probably.

Is it because these companies are selling innovative and cutting edge products that drive change and value? In my opinion…Nope!

Is it because all the money raised and all the continued awareness of the need for a better solution to drive value for an asset exists more now than ever? In my opinion Hell, yes.


You are not doing Jack Shit to get any of It!  And that IT is $$$$!

So, this is the part where I am supposed to give you all the ways and means to do just that.

Maybe a 10 point detailed list of actionable tasks.

How about a three-segment bullet point summary with links back to the in-depth researched white paper on exactly how it needs to be done.

Uh, Fuck NO!

How about we do this “The Duke Way” and reverse engineer this shit!

Here’s what I want.

A detailed market analysis. A Global Market Analysis. Not a bullshit made up synopsis.

And the plan to dominate that market. “But well, we need to hire the engineers to….” bullshit!

You need to do one thing and do it well or just fucking stop. 


How about this…

Your books OPEN! Wide Open. Real Wide Open.

Yea, you just stopped dead did you not. Not going to happen is it. You and I both know why. You are dying! Dying a slow death.

Is your company showing a simple 1 to 1 ratio? For those that don’t do startups that means for every dollar raised revenue matches it. Simple. $25 million raised = $25 million revenue.

That “WTF is he even talking about, this dude is fucked up” screaming is every startup “founder” in denial.

Here’s another one. Say you have raised $25 million when do the investors get their money back? I mean, fucking realistically?

Wait, I know the answer. After your kids get in good schools and you have three years out paid for. I’m not counting the insurance you used to pay for the births. I’m just talking about their school bills. Not the trips, and off-sites and other shit like that. You know… the culture building shit….to fail…or the most likely scenario will be that they will NEVER see a fucking penny in ROI! NEVER. Be The Boss Of That Shit! ( Actually saw a company using Be The Boss as a tagline) Maybe not anymore!

Here’s another one, who do you trim out of your company?

How about YOU! Maybe it’s you that’s fucking this up?

But wait, your EGO is what? Sure as fuck as big as mine! So…

It’s YOU. Did you even think that was a possibility?

Maybe it’s the only way your company will win! Who the fuck has called you out recently?

I just did!


1. Have a plan…a plan to sell

2. Be real (and transparent) about your numbers. REAL!

3. Possibly get the FUCK out of the way.

It’s that easy!

Let me ask you this!

How hard can it be to run a company that is dominating the #CRE and #TECH marketplace? Seriously, hell I think I could do it drunk as shit from a boat floating off of St. Johns. The phone rings and it’s one of my minions (Lawyers) on the line with some “strategic suggestions.” I listen intently and say “fuck them, just sue their ass like all the rest.” And then top off my drink. 

See, how hard is that?


The Rich Get Richer In #CRE And #TECH And You Are Doing, Jack Shit, To Stop It!

+1 Do You Know Where The Fuck You Are? You’re In The Jungle Baby….. You’re Gonna Die!











Duke Long

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