The Most Powerful, Effective And Underrated Tool I Use To Build “The Brand.”

Ok, right up front here it is… A Newsletter. Wait, an Electronic Newsletter, there that’s better, I want to clarify.

I do need to clarify because you might be surprised how many people still today might not understand, crazy if you think about it.

It has been just over three years since I started mine and I have posted one every Thursday no matter what. It’s called not breaking the chain.

It may be too obvious but once I started there was never a thought of not being consistent. Part of the simple effectiveness of a newsletter is just that consistency.

As a side-I needed to throw a shout out to Michael Griffin CEO of ClientLook who took some time and did a screen share with me way back in the day and helped me set up the templates and lists. Yea, Michael is just that kind of person, playing it forward like that.

I have toyed with a few different formats more to please my eye and style of writing than anything else.

To what I now have today, which I am sure will continue to evolve.

Everyone has their opinion about what a newsletter should be and they are more than entitled to those opinions. I have mine and I do it the way I think works for me.

It started as a way to help support my website and also as another way for people to consume my content. It has certainly done that and then some. Each day that I post the newsletter my website gets a huge jump in traffic, so it must be working.

It has also turned into a bit more than that as it’s more of an exercise for my brain to guess what is interesting provocative entertaining informative and flat out ridiculous that week.

I do sometimes put my own little stamp on some of the content I choose by making personal comments.

It has also become a valuable platform for the people supporting my content as the list of people who have opted in have shown just that, their willingness to read and have given permission to do so. Yes, they also can and do occasionally opt out and I think that is equally as important.

Those same people have only got so much time and as we all know that is indeed precious and the newsletter format allows a certain level of brevity and choice. You can scan read pick up a few points and or decide to do a deeper dive into a subject.

What started off as an exercise in marketing for me has turned into a valuable piece of what reinforces all the written content that I put out. For better or worse it also more clearly defines what my “brand ” is.  We all are a brand of some sort are we not?

On the subject of branding, it has been suggested (by some very smart people) that my “brand” has been established enough that I could just quit putting out content. Uh, I will be honest part of me wants to shut it off, but most of me understands that I never will. Why silence a voice and platform that I personally think is trying to add value to one of the most beautiful businesses on the planet?

To the thousands and thousands of people who have given me permission and that voice, I can only say Thank You. I try as best I can to treat that permission with honor and respect. The simple act of publishing a newsletter is just one way reinforcing that voice which goes way beyond marketing, selling, and branding.

If you put an email newsletter into perspective it’s not the most flashy or the most technical piece of what my brand building is but……it is…

The Most Powerful, Effective And Underrated Tool I Use To Build “The Brand.”


+1 Did you notice not one link or redirect to a signup?

+1+1 If you want to you will decide when and if….


  • I always enjoy your commentary – please continue provding your own personal twist on the #CRE industry and trends. Every year I plan on starting my own newsletter but never do…2018 will be different! Any advice on a good place to go for an easy to get started template?