The Gap. It’s Probably Not What You Think It Is.

The Gap. It’s Probably Not What You Think It Is.

The Gap. It’s Probably Not What You Think It Is.

Don’t worry I’m not even going to pretend remotely to go down a certain path here.

The Gap that I am talking about is the gap between the #CRETech community and the actual users of their product.

It exists today because we are still in the early days of adoption and change.

That is not necessarily a bad thing,

To my mind, that still creates a huge and long window of opportunity.

Interesting that the gap to some does and does not exist depending on where you have come into this (technology) cycle.

You, me and many others are still learning every day.

As deep as I am in it the scene the more, it continues to grow.

Let me explain.

I had dinner the other night with 2 1/2 brilliant educated and highly informed technology people. (Hey John you are getting there)  WINK! 🙂

They were astounded at how our business of commercial real estate works. They being normal humans on this planet just assumed that commercial real estate was not only on par with the rest of the world they thought we were more sophisticated and informed than most.

They must have thought that with all the money and smart people involved that we just had to be there. Fair assumption.

The questions they asked were so far removed from what we think of as normal.

It was refreshing to see and hear from outside the #CRETech bubble. (Some of which I have obliviously helped create.)

I had to ask myself.

Are we will we still have the same bullshit conversations?

If we are, it’s not helping.

Is there fatigue?

Is there also ignorance?

Is there not enough want to change because it still works and that is the only good reason we have come up with so far.

I’m sitting in the office of Reonomy right now on Broadway in New York City.

It is about as center of the #CRETech universe as you can get.




That’s Richard and Chris in the pic above. Discussing” things.”

Reonomy wait you have or have not heard of them? What do they do again?

Click here and get a demo. Find out for yourself. They are nice people.

They have been at it a couple of years or so and are still growing. Early days still.

Where will they be in two or three years down the line?

How about you? What would your answer be?

Starting to change.

I continue to have and not just because I’m in New York some pretty serious conversations with the potential and actual users of #CRETechnology.

They are curious they are cautious they are asking the right questions

They want to understand it,

They want to understand it better because they want to use it

They want to use it because it creates efficiencies

It creates advantages.


Bottom Line and why not go right to it?

Top down or bottom up.

Either way, if it works and makes money it creates that old school VALUE ADD.

The more conversations I have, the more people reach out to me the more the gap is closing.

And these conversations are coming from both sides.

We need more, and I am more than willing to help push those conversations. Don’t be shy.

Now more than ever it’s an important task that needs to be done.

It needs to go far beyond the basic understanding of why these products help commercial real estate.

It’s not just tech for the reason of tech.

If there is a perception of some separation that may be but it’s shrinking at a blistering and torrid pace so…..

The Gap. It’s Probably Not What You Think It Is.


+1 Think Positive #CRE and #CRETech we’re getting there.

+1+1 I am never leaving New York!



Duke Long

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