The Death Of The Social Media (Me) Rock Star.

The Death Of The Social Media (Me) Rock Star.

Surely Not.

Am I calling it quits?

Is the bleeding edge superstar engaging online social media guru rock star tech savant now finished?

Finally have all the nay sayers and non adopters been right this whole time?

Uh…Hell No!

Let me give you a little back story.

Way back in the day when Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn started up I took a little peek at the new “social” interaction communities.

At first I had no interest in them at all and saw them as complete wastes of my time but over the course of a few months the buzz kept coming and I glanced back every now and then to take a look-see.

So me being me I decided to dip my toe in and see what the pool was like. What I found at that time for commercial real estate was….nothing. Which of course tuned me directly to residential real estate. Residential has always and may always lead us online and in more ways than I may be able to count. It’s just a fact. Face it.

There they were tweeting building online profiles posting pictures creating videos ( some more personal than others) engaging their clients pitching their properties linking following liking and on and on and on.

So with no one else to pay attention to I started to follow borrow tweet blatantly steal listen to and link up with the residential people.

A few heavy hitters started to emerge and I started to interact and connect. Surprisingly they connected back even though I was one of those commercial guys.

The writing part started by accident and is a story in and of itself. I will however be eternally grateful to Greg Cooper who is a monster residential agent in Indianapolis for the push and inspiration.

Pressing Forward.

Fast forward a couple of years to the beginning of the maturation of social media and what I have seen it do to real estate and the people in real estate.

The parties the drinks the special online only with a password invites. The travel the panels the guest posts the hate emails the please push our brand for free pitches the censors the thought provoking the crying (not me) the jealously the (perceived) ruining of (not me?) careers the burnout the competition and the eternally damned.

Am I talking about everybody or just my own experiences from one of the conferences I attended?  You decide.

The faces that you now recognise. The names that you know without ever meeting in person. Your opinions about that person just from reading their words. Your want and need for these to be “the” people who will bring real change to your business. Your inability to walk away from and not be a part of it.

How about this……your need for recognition… in print….your picture everywhere…your story told to the world……FAME!

Simple Evolution And More Forward.

We are now moving beyond the simple task of sitting in front of a computer or attending a conference and letting someone “teach” you how to do social media online. Even as I say that pretty much every place I go I get asked “How to do” something…still.

We are now moving into what I will call [Profession Commercial Real Estate Social Media] I will take full credit for that and reference anyone back to this post when they decide they invented the phrase. It will happen…no doubt.

When I say this I am in no way referring to Corporate Social Media. There is a difference.

Professional Commercial Real Estate Social Media by my definition is the clear defined strategic use of online networks to streamline the connection to clients customers and users more efficiently.

Simple.We are there now. I see it everyday. I know it works. It does what it’s suppose to. Create Deals.

Today And Beyond.

So we are now advancing away from the social media rock star mentality.

We do not need to be told how to when to and what to tweet blog or post.

We are starting to focus more clearly on the actual tasks of using social media to connect.

We are using social media now as we all originally intended.

Do we need to mature more and advance commercial real estate online. Yes….yes we do.

Do we need to mature the corporate side of commercial real estate online….Yes and they need far more help than the individuals.

So this is The Official Death of the commercial real estate social media rock star.

Oh By The Way.

No one can play the guitar just like Jimmy Hendrix. No one can play the drums like Keith Moon. No one can sing like Robert Plant.

Long Live Rock.


Comments opinions and points of view are always appreciated.

Duke Long


  • Couldn’t agree more. I used to read a lot of social media blogs, puts me to sleep now. My social media efforts have always been about putting content out there that my clients, prospective clients and colleagues hopefully are interested in, you know people I might actually do business with.

  • Oh and another thing, 4 years ago when I decided that I was going to put myself on the social web in a “big way” and went searching for CRE peeps who already were doing it. Duke Long is who I found.

  • For the more seasoned, there is a lot to be said for the interaction and friendships we’ve garnered over the years, and we’ll enjoy that part at the association meetings. But, as the industry heals, and the minions of wannabees flock back to the feeding ground, they’ll be looking for guidance as they haven’t the history and haven’t mastered the nuances needed to converse. They do however, need answers and will surely be asking questions.

    The future rock stars, and the successful site (niche sites in our industry) will be far less about conversation and socializing, and much more about analysis and interpretation.

  • Say it ain’t so! When I first started looking around to see the who’s who of the CRE world. There was always, and usually only, one name, Duke Long. I still think there are a quite a few people that haven’t grasped the importance of social media and it still blows my mind to have brokers argue this point. Having said that we’ll always need the Hendrix of the social cre world around!