The Deal. Issues.

The Deal. Issues.

“So this is what you think we need to do. Are you sure?”  She leans forward and rests her chin in her hand. ” Ok, yes yes I understand. Let me get back with you in the next day or two.” She pushes the red button lays the phone down and sits back. Now she knows what is at stake. It’s not just about careers and reputations anymore. She needed to think. She needed to get away for a day and decide. That was not going to happen.

” You need to tell me more about this deal.”

” Are we talking about 229 West?”

” No, you know the deal I am talking about.”

” Well the information I am getting is second-hand and I need to dig and look at it closer before I even know what I have in front of me.”

They had passed each other in the hallway and he sent her a text a minute later. ” Meet me now in the second conference room.”

She was on her way out the door and decided she would give him five minutes. “How do you know about this?”

” You know how I find out about anything. Blood is thick and I need to take care of myself.”

” What does your dad know?”

” My dad wouldn’t say but the bigger question is how did he find out.”

” Probably the same way I found out. The property management people.”

” There is no way they have the kind of information we are talking about.”

” Maybe not but they may have all the pieces and for some reason they want our boy and they want him bad.”

” My dad can and will hold on to that info no matter what. He is not even telling me. I have a serious question for you. Have you lawyered up?”

” What makes you ask that? This thing can’t touch us. We are not responsible.”

” I will take that as a yes. You know my dad will make sure I am covered.”

” I think you are over reacting a little bit.”

” Listen, I know we haven’t worked together that long but I know you are smart as hell and this thing will stick to you forever. Don’t think it won’t.”

She knew that. She had talked to her lawyer. She didn’t want him to think that she was worried. She may be able to save them.  She thought she could. She had to try.

He was glancing at some reality show his daughter had picked out. Something to do with a single guy dating five women and picking what he considered “the one.” What shit.” His phone beeped. It always beeped. He took a quick glance and picked it up. Well, this should be interesting.

She was sitting facing the front of the restaurant. She liked to see what was going on. She needed to see what was in front of her just in case. He walked in and turned his head bent and gave no hint of a smile. His eyes caught the waitress and he motioned for her to follow him to the table. Johnnie Walker Black neat. He looked to her and she shook her head no at the waitress. He sat and looked at those eyes. He was still attracted to her even though he knew now it was probably never going to happen. “I’m here and listening.”

” Thank you for coming. We have some serious issues we need to address and I want this to be open.”

” Really well that may be up to you. What are these issues?”

” The reputation and long-term stability of the firm for a start. Not to mention mine yours and the rest of the team.”

” We have already somewhat been thru this have we not? I’m pretty comfortable with they way things are as they stand.”

She took a breath cleared her throat and waited for the waitress to leave. She started quietly .

” Where we stand now is not only the end of your career but maybe the end of your business life.”

He did not blink. He looked straight into her right eye and waited. He now knew why she was here. She wanted information. She was not going to get it.

” Interesting. You make a statement like that based on what?”

” A lot of pieces of an ongoing fraud that you are a part of.”

He stood up reaching for his coat. He opened his mouth to speak and turned to walk away. She called after him “wait let’s talk this thru. I can help you.” He was far enough away to not hear her say help.

In the car his other phone beeped and he smiled. He would pick up something to eat in at her favorite Sushi take out maybe the Toro with diakon. When he arrive they broke open the boxes and devoured the food and then he reached out and touched her hand.



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