The Deal. Far and Away.

The Deal. Far and Away.

He sat quietly wearing a black suit and a black tie striped with gray. He had walked a few extra blocks this morning even though it was bitterly cold. He reached for the pitcher of water and poured himself a glass. The room was well lit but dim because of all the wood and one entire wall lined with books.

” So how much do you think she knows?” His legal representative sat across the table pen in hand and legal pad at an angle.

” As far as I can tell she may know it all.”

” Where do you think she got it?”

” That’s what has me worried. There is no way that she could get that information unless it came from me. I am the only one with that kind of access.”

” Well we know what we are up against. She has already tried to touch your inner circle and has made it known she wants you to come forward.”

” I am not coming forward with anything.”

” We need to think thru that process. I am not sure silence will be the best strategy. She has publicly accused you and at some point you will need to answer those accusations.”

” She can accuse all she wants. I will stay quiet until I see what she has. This is a shit storm she doesn’t want.”

” I am sure the next step will be for her to seek some type of council and then go to the authorities.”

” I’m counting on that. She wants to get me to go on record. I am reluctant to do that unless legally necessary.”

” If it comes to that we will need to get together and work thru the possible questions.”

” I need to be out-of-town for a few days. If there is any activity I will make sure they go to you first.”

” Is this a good time to leave town? We may need to react quickly.”

” This is a trip I have to make and its nobodies business where I am or what I am doing. If they want me they will have to wait. Besides I think a little time away will be good for me.”

” Is this something I should know about?”

” No, don’t worry this trip has nothing to do with this. We can stay in touch. I will let you know when I am coming back.”

” Fair enough. Keep me informed.”

He kept his coat on as he walked down the hall to the assistant’s desk. ” Is he in I need to see him for two minutes?”

” Let me check he has someone in with him right now.” He stood still right in front of her as she called in. ” Yes, he is standing right here. Five minutes. Yes sir thank you.” He stepped back and started pacing.

The door opened and out came some vice president of something. The CEO met his eyes and smiled motioning for him to step into his office. ” This is unusual for you. Is there something I can help you with?”

” I’m going to take a few personal days. I need to go to Florida and take care of some personal business.”

“Ok sure you have always had the freedom to make your own schedule. I appreciate you telling me. Why not send me an email or a message?”

” I am taking off this morning and wanted to tell you personally.”

” Sounds serious. I hope you are ok. Is this something you want to tell me about?”

” I’m going to go check on my mother.”

” Now it is serious. If there is anything I can personally or the company can do for you. You must let us know.”

” Thanks I do appreciate that. This kind of came out of nowhere. I need to get a handle on it and see what needs to be done.”

” Thanks for stopping by. I see now why you wanted to tell me in person. I hope the best for you and your mother.”

The CEO extended his hand to shake while patting him on the shoulder. ” Please keep me informed.”

He turned and walked out the door. His phone beeped. It was his flight conformation email. He needed to get a car go home and pack quickly so he could get to the airport on time. The phone beeped again. It was from his lawyer. They had contacted him. They wanted to schedule a meeting to ask him some preliminary questions. He stopped outside the bank of elevators and replied back. ” Tell them I am out-of-town and if they want to meet with me I will let them know when I am available.” Let them fucking wait. Let them think he was hiding. He knew what was coming. He was ready.

She had finished lunch at her desk. A message from her legal council popped up. They had not been able to schedule a meeting. He had left town and had not told his lawyer when he would be back. She just sat and stared.



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