The Conference I Want to Attend NOW. The Conference We All Need!

The Conference I Want to Attend NOW. The Conference We All Need!

We All Know The Drill.

Intro from the organiser.

Keynote from the person that paid the most to sponsor.

A panel of friends that need the pub.

Lunch of finger sandwiches and bottled water.

Throw in a break or two.

A couple more panels of “edgy” stuff in the afternoon.

Hot new awesome companies 3-minute demos.

Then drinks networking and horseydvers.

The Conference ends and then bust out for dinner and serious drinking/networking.

It’s What We Do.

And I am OK with that. Putting conferences together is not an easy task.

BUT, I have a few suggestions.

Suggestions not so much about the format but more about the content.

It’s a big part of the reason we show up.

Yes, yes if you put Trump Zell and Schwarzman as the keynote you will pack them in.

But, this is #Tech and it’s also #CRETech.

How About This?

-Opening Keynote – Democratizing Access for Startups.

Startups are creating products and services that democratize access for new commercial real estate groups, they are simultaneously expanding access for growing tech startups. What tools, products, and services have emerged that didn’t exist a few years ago? How are they enabling entrepreneurs and startups to create, grow, scale, and capitalize?

-The People in New York #CRETech You Need to Know.

#CRETech has been regarded as the outlier – classic enterprise technologies excel spreadsheets, data management, record administration and basic analytical tools. All that has changed. This panel features just a few of the key movers and shakers in the #CRETEch ecosystem. They will lend their insight into the people, resources, communities, and experts to know in the New York. The center of the #CRETech universe.

Break for Networking.

-Traditional #CRETech. Does That Exist?- Where to Disrupt and When to Partner.

A deep dive into technologies shaking up traditional commercial real estate. While disrupting the supposed norm makes headlines, it’s also increasingly important for startups to forge strategic partnerships with large enterprises for distribution, subject matter expertise, and capital.

Lunch and Networking.

-The Modern VC – Much More than Capital.

Venture capitalist relationships can mean so much more than just an investment. Capital is just one of the tools the modern VC can use to enable exponential growth. Their network, subject matter expertise, and mentorship can prove far more valuable. Learn how #CRETech entrepreneurs partner with VCs to successfully navigate the enterprise space.

-Blockchain Braindump

While many debate the value of adopting a digital currency, there’s a growing awareness that blockchain technology can revolutionize commercial real estate. Learn about various verticals leveraging blockchain technology to disrupt and innovate. First came the personal computer then the internet and next we had the mobile phone, now we have blockchain.

Break and networking.

-The New UX of #CRETech

In an always connected world, consumer expectations have shifted. We’ll dive into the new service expectations and how they affect the user-experience. Graphs, bars, and pretty colors aside what is THE NEW UX?

– How to Sell Your Product or Service to Commercial Real Estate.

How is the market actually defined? Leasing investments retail industrial. How do they actually work? How can you find them? How do you sell into the big corporations? How can you get to the decision maker? How about everyone else? Listen and learn from them directly.

Demos:  10 companies 1 minutes pitches and then 1/2 hour for separate networking with companies.

Booze and hors dvers

The Conference ends and off to dinner and drinks/networking.

Now that is…..

The Conference I Want to Attend NOW. The Conference We All Need!


+1 There is a movement in the tech world to ban booth babes. Uhhh…… Ummmm…..






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