The 65 Best #CRE and #TECH Podcasts Of 2017!

At the urging of several close friends, I decided to start a podcast at the beginning of 2017. And by all accounts, it has been a phenomenal success. It continues to grow and grow and full disclosure here I was a bit shocked at the level of acceptance. The people, the points of view, the fun and ridiculous along with the educational and serious. It has it all. Below I have posted each and every one. Enjoy.

Podcast #101 Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude. “Eat Me If You Wish.”

Podcast #102 Beyond Brokerage 2017.

Podcast # 103 Why We Are So Fucking Special.

Podcast #104 10 Reasons You Will Never Become A Commercial Real Estate Broker.

Podcast #105 Commercial Real Estate The Dirty Little Secret.

Podcast # 106 LoopNet Raises Its Prices and All You Can Do Is Bitch.

Podcast # 107. The mysterious missing Podcast #107.

Podcast # 108 “It’s All About Relationships In Commercial Real Estate.” That’s Bullshit!

Podcast #109 Michael Griffin CEO ClientLook. Unrivaled Commercial Real Estate CRM.

Podcast #110 10 Hacks for #CRE #TECH #Start Ups That Will Get Completely Ignored.

Podcast #111 The 15 BIG Questions You Must Answer About Commercial Real Estate And Your Data!

Podcast #112 I Own A Building. You Are A Broker. I Don’t Need You Anymore.

Podcast # 113 10 Ways Old School Commercial Real Estate Is Still Kicking Your Ass.

Podcast #114 What Is The New Future Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Model? Hint: It Does Not Include A Broker.

Podcast #115 “LoopNet: Where Deals Go To Die.”

Podcast #116 Commercial Real Estate Broker Splits. Stealing From The Rich To Get Rich.

Podcast #117 Commercial Real Estate Is All Straight White Males and That May Never Change.

Podcast #118 You Are 50+ Commercial Real Estate Broker. This Is For Your Ears Only.

Podcast #119 What If You Lost The Only Two Advantages You Have As A Broker?

Podcast #120 #CRETech Is A Complete Failure. And Here Is Why.

Podcast #121 James Milner CCIM. Are You A Better Broker?

Podcast #122 Rob Sparke. The Open Box Real Estate Automation Engine Has Arrived!

Podcast #123 Brandon Sedloff Juniper Square. Delight Your Investors. Automate Your Back Office.

Podcast #124 Michael Griffin. Data, Integration, Automation, Xceligent and Co-Star.

Podcast #125 Darren Powderly Crowdstreet. Investor Relationship Management + Fundraising.

Podcast #126 Travis Barrington Founder CRE.TECH.

Podcast #127 Diane Danielson COO SVN.

Podcast #128 Michael Beckerman. Founder & CEO | The News Funnel | Official CRE // Tech.

Podcast #129 We All Know True Innovation Does NOT Exist In #CRE And You Are Doing Nothing About It.

Podcast #130 We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate As A Service World.



Podcast #131 How Tenant-Only Broker Representation Will Shape the Future of Real Estate.

Podcast #133 Andrew Bermudez

Podcast #134 Yan Khamish Ten-X.

Podcast #135 Katie Higgins. Content & Communications at VTS, Inc.

Podcast #136 David Collier Co-Founder

Podcast #137 Poonam Sharma Mathis CEO

Podcast #138 Michael Schnabel Co-Founder Capstak.

Podcast #139 Turner Levison CEO CommissionTrac.

Podcast #140 Min Suh CEO and Founder Assess+RE.

Podcast #141 Part 1 Antony Slumbers Founder Estates Today LTD.

Podcast #141 Part 2 Antony Slumbers Founder Estates Today LTD.

Podcast #142 Keith Kleinmaier CEO Tenant Tracker.

Podcast #143 Richard Sarkis CEO Reonomy.

Podcast #144 Stephen King CEO

Podcast #145 Riggs Kubiak CEO Honest Buildings.

Podcast #146 John Orr VP. Retail Services Colliers.

Podcast #147 Ryan Baxter (REBNY) Real Estate Board of New York.

Podcast #148 Diane Vrkic Founder CEO Waypoint.

Podcast #149 Allen Buchanan Lee & Associates.

Podcast #150 Michael Griffin Founder CEO ClientLook CRM.

Podcast #151 Wes Snow Founding Partner AscendixRE CRM.

Podcast #152 David Perlmutter Founder QuantumListing.

Podcast #153 Dan Hughes Director of Data Information Products at RICS.

Podcast #154 Coy Davidson Senior VP Colliers Houston.

Podcast #155 Jeff Finn CEO RealNex.

Podcast #156 David Collier Co-Founder Brokers Behaving Badly Part 2.

Podcast #157 Vishu Ramanathan Ceo Buildout.

Podcast #158 Duke Long Decentralise Your Data. Keep The Power In Your Own Hands.

Podcast #159 Duke Long. What Is The Most Underrated Part Of Your Company Marketing?

Podcast #160 Duke Long. Random Thoughts and Questions. What Is The Most Underrated Sector Of #CRE #TECH?

Podcast #161 Dan Palmeri, SIOR Senior Director Cushman & Wakefield Las Vegas, NV.

Podcast #162 Duke Long 4 Reasons Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Is Failing NOW! And You Can’t Stop It!

Podcast #163 Tony VanderBeek Commercial Realtor Coldwell Banker Brooklyn New York.

Podcast #164 Duke Long. What Are The Top Four CRM Companies in #CRE? Listen And Find Out!

Podcast #165 Blockchain and #CRE Bring On The Haters.


Duke Longs Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast. 

Thanks For Listening!

See You In 2018!

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