Some Will Win Some Will Lose. How To Make Sure You Are One Of The Winners.

Some Will Win Some Will Lose. How To Make Sure You Are One Of The Winners.

As I have written previously, we are now in the Commercial Real Estate “As A Service ” Era.

And with that reality, there is the inevitability that there will be companies that are winners and other companies that will be losers.

It is not a given that all of the companies that are new fresh and considered “startups” will be the winners.

And at the same time, the fact that a company has been around for five to ten or more years does not automatically push it into the #CRETech graveyard. Although the odds are stacked against.

If those legacy companies want to survive it’s not enough that they do what everyone from a high school business ED teacher to your grandma says they should do which is “adapt and change.”

Which of those legacy companies will be the one’s to change to the As A Service model? How about something far beyond even that?

Who will have the guts to abandon all that they hold true and precious (like the ability to pay their mortgage) and continue to be a dominate market leading technology company?

Can you think of one right this minute who already has? Me either and we both should be able to name at least three to five.

I want to champion those companies. I do!

But, how can I when there has been no attempt at all. They may be the big winner today. Tomorrow is another story.

How is this new era not a positive change for commercial real estate?

I’m convinced that it is. Does this not create even more winners in commercial real estate?

It can and will touch everyone.

Who does it harm? It’s hard for me to think of anyone or anything.

You are part of it already.

You are part of an incredibly positive change within commercial real estate.

You call, email, demo, intro, mentor, talk to, fund, interact with, read about, share and pay $$$ to use that positive change every day.

Yes, Some Will Win Some Will Lose.

But you have already started to figure out How To Make Sure You Are One Of The Winners.


+1 I would like the Thank You personally for helping me. Yes, I rant and rave, but we both know it’s for the positive and spectacular change of this wonderful business.


Duke Long

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