So What Is The Duke Long #CRE and #TECH Power 100 and Why Crank It Out?

First off because I can.

Maybe I should stop there but of course, I won’t.

Yes, yes, yes, I’m known for my lists and if that’s the only legacy I leave then I have been a complete failure. But I digress!

So What Is The Duke Long #CRE and #TECH Power 100 and Why Crank It Out?

Becuase it has always been and will continue to be a GLOBAL ASSET class and the people who move and shake it are diverse and pushing it forward in many different ways.

Now I always say this but it needs repeating…this is MY LIST. It’s not your list. It’s MINE.

It’s my opinion, it’s my site and it’s made up of the people I think are the Power 100. Period!

You as in you can make up your own list if you like. I’m not stopping you.

What does it take to get on The Duke Long #CRE and #TECH Power 100?

Billions of dollars? That doesn’t hurt.

How about millions and millions of square feet? That might help.

Maybe when you decide to FOCUS on a certain tech segment the stock of the entire industry tanks? Could be.

What if your just a nice person putting food on the table and connecting people to help change the world? I would bet on that one too.

When you take a look at the list there will be some obvious people that you will nod your head  and say “well yes.”

As you scroll down there may be a name or two you don’t recognize.

There may be about five or ten people who are not on the list that you just can’t figure out how they did not make it. Fair enough.

As you continue you might want to find out more about that person because you may have heard of them somehow somewhere before.

Here’s what I’m not doing. No links, no comments no opinions in any way, just a number a picture and a name.

Why because if you do want to find out more, go do the work.

I’m sure this will become an annual thing. I see me moving people up and down and off the list every year depending on what is happening in the world of #CRE and #TECH.

I will post the actual list coming up this Wednesday and after it’s posted I will come back and drop the link here in case someone found their way to this article first.

So What Is The Duke Long #CRE and #TECH Power 100 and Why Crank It Out?

Trillion and Trillions of $$$$ that’s why.


+1 I did have a bit of help here and there with suggestions from people out and about on the planet and to those people thank you for your kind suggestions. I wonder if you made the list?



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