So Now You Are Reading Blogs. Well Thank You!

So Now You Are Reading Blogs. Well Thank You!

I have been noticing an interesting trend on my site. Every day it seems that more and more people are clicking on my Top 57 Commercial Real Estate Blogs You Must Read post. So much so that it has taken the spot for the most popular post on my blog ever. Glance to the right. Is it trending “Hot” today?

The very reason for creating the list was to showcase the people and sites that crank out great commercial real estate information and to give some recognition for the work and effort it takes to maintain a blog. As someone that has put up at least two posts a week consistently I have first hand knowledge of what it takes to create valuable content over an extended period of time.

What are the main reasons most people take the valuable time to read a commercial real estate blog? The obvious answer is that they want to keep informed and up to date on commercial real estate. They also want to feel connected to the business and also the writer in some way. Maybe it also gives the reader a chance to laugh with the writer at the writer and at themselves. It also gives them a chance to put their opinions or points of view into a public forum. Let’s just say it people are generally curious as hell and love to communicate.

Writing in my opinion is not an easy task. If it comes naturally to someone “God Bless” is all I can say. So why even write a blog?

Some of the reasons are similar to the readers. Inform educate create opinions and points of view. The other not so obvious one may be to differentiate them selves from their competitors and almost everyone else in commercial real estate.

There are many causes and effects of writing. The reasons I write about commercial real estate are many and varied. I have a few random thoughts. Shocking I know!

-I do it to have some fun rip into a few people and also point out the positive and amazing people.

-To say that it has  “advanced” my career is the under statement of the century.

-Name recognition face recognition free beer free diners travel gushing reviews bottles of whiskey:)

-Ridicule and scorn along with hit man like threats (which I think is cool as shit.)

-The deals… are none of your damn business.

-The number 1 hardest thing to do is create original content that you cannot find anywhere else. IT”S HARD PEOPLE!

-Becoming an access point for technology and commercial real estate.

-Someone walking up and introducing themselves and saying how much they love my stuff is PRICELESS.

-Radio TV video podcasts webinars guest posts speaking engagements phone calls limo rides face to face meetings with amazing people.

I could go on and usually do.

This is my way of saying THANK YOU to anyone that has ever read my blog or any of the others. THANK YOU so much and please come back any time.




Duke Long


  • You know Duke, much to my chagrin, I do enjoy reading your blog posts. For me, reading your blog posts are a little like wiggling a loose tooth. It hurts like hell, but you can’t really stop until it falls out, (I am talking about 50 years ago, not now, thank goodness). Or listening to Howard Stern. I know that often he is a jerk, but in some perverted way, he is definitely entertaining and you know that, somewhere, deep down inside, there is some redeeming value.And you are right. Writing original content is very hard. Sometimes its there and sometimes its not.