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Revolutionizing Spatial Technology

As interest in location-aware technologies explodes, and users grow more accustomed to working with spatial tools, maps are now a requisite element of many business, government, and consumer applications. While the benefits of spatial technology are widely recognized, developing robust, user-friendly mapping applications has been a constant challenge for developers. Now, there’s a better way.

Spatial Development Platform

By offering access to comprehensive spatial functionality, key geospatial data sets, and the latest innovations in mapping technology, SpatialStream™ provides a complete solution to meet companies’ growing needs for usable spatial technology.

SpatialStream™ is a revolutionary cloud-based spatial development platform that makes it far easier to bring a robust and intuitive mapping application to market. The objective of SpatialStream™ is to make spatial technology easy to implement and use so more organizations can benefit from it. The APIs and web services of SpatialStream™ are organized into the four key functional areas developers encounter when spatially-enabling their applications: Load, Edit, Analyze and Visualize. All the solutions of SpatialStream™ were designed to integrate seamlessly with common mapping platforms such as Bing Maps and Google Maps. Now developers can accelerate their mapping applications in less time and for lower cost, all without needing to be a GIS expert.

A New Approach to Spatial Enablement

The intersection of cloud computing and location technology is particularly powerful, especially for organizations looking for ways to integrate spatial technology without it being an all-consuming task. By leveraging the cloud, SpatialStream™ is redefining mapping application development and bringing cost savings, ease of implementation, and speed to market to spatial developers. SpatialStream™ makes it easy for you to enhance your mapping application by providing solutions to:

– Acquire and display key data sets such as parcel boundaries

– Perform map-based search and spatial queries

– Style your data for visual display and analysis

– Integrate cutting-edge spatial visualization tools

– Load and link related data sets in your app.

The SpatialStream™ Difference

SpatialStream™ removes many of the obstacles to spatial enablement that developers faced with traditional solutions. The SpatialStream™ difference includes:

– Comprehensive platform, offering both data and functionality

– Spatially enable your application in weeks, not months or years

– SaaS model means no upfront costs or spatial back-end to maintain

– Advanced GIS expertise no longer required

– Leverage years

SpatialStream™ is the new and better way to capitalize on location technologies. Now, companies of any size and from any industry can harness the power of spatial technology and take their mapping applications to the next level. Experience spatial technology made easy with Digital Map Products’ SpatialStream™ SaaS spatial development platform.

SpatialStream™ lets industries of all types and companies of all sizes harness the power of spatial technology and benefit from cloud computing. Benefits include:

  • Access to the latest in spatial technology and data so you can stay competitive
  • Comprehensive platform means minimal integration challenges
  • Bring your enhanced mapping application to market in weeks, not years
  • No upfront capital expenditures or unpredictable costs
  • Frees your development resources to improve the end-user experience

Partial Customer List:

CoStar Group




Houston Association of Realtors

Midwest Real Estate Data, LLC

RealEstate Business Intelligence

Realtors Property Resource


Links to Video and Demos:

Advanced Spatial Data Visualization
This video showcases an advanced data visualization and analysis capability of the SpatialStream™ platform: Rollups. Rollups is a combination of Business Intelligence techniques and Spatial Technology and allows end-users of mapping applications to easily make sense of large data sets.

Spatial Editing and Display
This video showcases the components of SpatialStream™ that allow you to integrate editing and spatial data creation into your application, and also highlights components that make it easy to link and display data for your spatial application.

We also offer free trials of SpatialStream™

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