Setting And Defining The Standards Of #CRE. Who Actually Decides?

Setting and Defining the Standards.

We all do it every day, we conduct our business and define ourselves by the standards we as a society have deemed what? Acceptable?

Most if not all of us have at least a general idea of what we think those standards are.

I have a question for you. What are those standards today?

Are you sure you know? I am assuming that you would define the standards of business with an idea that your perception and understanding of them are nothing short of exemplary.

So why would I question that?

Let me go down a certain path here with something most all of us are familiar with, Comedy.

Comedy is universal and knows no boundaries or barriers.

We all know what good or great comedy is, correct?

It’s any type of comedy that makes us laugh.

There is now and has been probably forever comedy known as “clean” comedy.

Clean comedy is usually defined as comedy not related to any subject or language that would offend a “family” environment. Most notably anything of a sexual nature or language deemed inappropriate.

It is supposed or implied that all of society can and will define what is or is not appropriate.

Now, as we sit here today what is or is not deemed inappropriate by definition can only be truly set by each individual. Or am I way off base here?

We as a collective are the society.

But what you and or I may define as appropriate could be what? Far from the same?

What you or I and someone else could be farther even yet.

How would you define what is clean and also by your definition dirty comedy?

You do know where your line is, do you not?

When I think of what clean comedy actually is I think of comedy that is political.

Politics: “the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.” 

Yes, I define clean as political. Think about that.

Clean comedy is censored and targeted to achieve what by definition?


So, if the cleaning up of comedy is a way or hope to achieve power then by definition dirty comedy must be what?

A way to subvert that attempt to define the standards of comedy and the power that comes with it?

Lets you and I think for a minute. By societies definition who might be a comedian or comedians known for not keeping it clean  Let me think, who comes to mind?

Just off the top of your head. How about?

George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Dave Chappell, Joan Rivers, Lenny Bruce, Louis C.K., Bill Hicks, Robin Williams. Need I go on? Ok, I will. Redd Fox, Eddie Murphy, Rodney Dangerfield, Eddie Izzard, Don Rickles.

Look at that list. I’m pretty sure they have or had all kinds of clean material.

Do you think it was hard to them to do it clean? I’m pretty sure they could do comedy about any way they wanted.

Who did I leave out? You can probably name ten more on your own.

Funny, compelling, observational, controversial and defining comedy for generations.

And by whose standards?

Lenny Bruce went to jail because of someone’s defined standard.

You know who was as outspoken as anyone about keeping comedy clean? Bill Cosby.

Wow, yes he was adamant about setting a standard. Don’t you dare cuss or say the lord’s name in vain but it is completely ok to _________ Yea, I can’t even write it down. I can hardly comprehend.

How about our business?

What again is the definition of the standards of commercial real estate?

By keeping the standards of commercial real estate “clean” we are defining it by what?

Do I in any way shape or form want it to be defined as “dirty?”

Of course not.

Is it too easy to go to the real language of commercial estate? The language and standard of “clean.”

What are we missing by keeping it “clean?” Nothing? Nothing in your mind? Nothing by your definition at all?

There are some that say keeping it clean in comedy is actually harder to do.

It’s harder and more skillful to do it the “clean” way.

So, I guess we are doing the more difficult thing by keeping commercial real estate clean and by my definition political.

Let me get this straight.

So, just not saying F _ _ K is considered a skill?

It takes no talent at all to go “dirty.”

No talent. George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, no talent.

But by our societies standards, they are considered “dirty and no talent or less skillful comedians.”

The people who do it clean by definition are more skillful and are doing it for the better of us all.


Let me help you just that little bit more.

Let me get political if I may.

I ask all kinds of people this question. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I mention the name, Bill Clinton? 99.9% say…………. yea exactly that. Do I need to spell it out? He got a____ ____ in the oval office. I guess we know what standards certain people define as clean.

Now be fair the current POTUS ran himself into a shitstorm during his campaign when recorded comments of his opinions about certain females surfaced. Do I need to spell that out for you also? I think the quote was to “grab them by the _____.” It’s obvious what standards are defined as clean there also. Did I mention he is now the current POTUS? As in got elected.

By your definition did I just take this too far?

Or by your definition, I am not going far enough?

What is the definition of clean again? Is it just the ability to censor?

How can you define indecent or offensive? Who after all sets that standard. You and I correct?

It’s obvious in part where I have set mine. Are they worse than yours because YOU define what you think the CRE standard should be?

What you are sure as fuck worried about is that I am setting the standard and it’s nowhere near what you think is could or should be?

What I’m worried about is that you are trying and or are setting the standard for #CRE by using it as a way to create exclusion and power.

Power over mine or anyone’s ability to do what?

Create their own standard of #CRE. Not yours and or your version of society.

I choose to be that one who will subvert.

I choose to define #CRE on its own terms free of the want and need of that crippling lust for political power.

Am I the only one?

It sure seems to be that way?

You and I we are……

Setting And Defining The Standards Of #CRE.


+1 What are Carlin’s Seven Words Again?

+1+1 Richard Pryor. How much talent in that one human being alone?