Rescour: Automated Market Research For Commercial Real Estate Professionals.

Rescour: Automated Market Research For Commercial Real Estate Professionals.

Atlanta-based REscour helps commercial real estate brokers, lenders, developers, investors and analysts make better decisions about buying and selling properties.

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Rescour has developed a proprietary data pipeline that retrieves classifies and geolocates millions of data points from structured and unstructured data sources.

This allows commercial real estate professionals to quickly identify data relevant to property value, such as news, development pipeline, demographics, sales and rent comparables, and major employers. This data is further tailored based on clients’ investment portfolio and allows REscour to provide targeted market insights.

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Set more investor meetings and close more listings. REscour helps brokers to get a faster in-depth knowledge base on multiple markets through geolocated news, employers, and demographics.
Source more opportunities and save time by getting a quick accurate in-depth look at what is affecting the value of properties. REscour can help investors accomplish this with our research tools and data management platform.
Asset Managers:
Increase your assets’ ROI by marketing to your target market. REscour gives CRE professionals an up up-to-date view of employers that are relocating, new developments, demographics and much more.
What do actual customers think?
Tarantino Properties – Broker
“At Tarantino Properties we were spending an immense amount of time using multiple technologies to find data needed when pitching investors and putting together marketing material. This included multiple data providers, multiple news sources, and tons of excel spreadsheets containing our private data.
REscour has helped us increase productivity and save time. Their software allows us to read news articles that are relevant to our markets and opportunities while bringing us both the public and private data needed to win new business. We can manage all of our private data in one central location, making it easily accessible to all employees.”
QR Capital – Investor
“At QR Capital, we subscribe to both CoStar and REIS, but we found that REscour provides more relevant information at a fraction of the cost. We’re using REscour to pull comp, local RE news, and demographic information, and get a snapshot look at every deal for sale in our target markets. It saves us a ton of time, and the map-based user interface is very easy to manipulate. Definitely worth a look.”
My take.
I have seen the full on demo and it is GEORGOUS!  I don’t usually gush but I am not sure when I have seen a better UX in #CRETech.
The team is young smart and has #CRE cred. I asked the CEO how many brokers he had talked and presented to? He sounded almost offended and answered “hundreds if not thousands and I have been a broker myself for many years.”
Watch the pitch.

+1 Serious team with some serious engineering and $$$ behind it. They are going to be a BIG TIME player.
+1+1 Let it fly people let it fly!
Pirate Flag #CRE #TECH

Duke Long

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