RECOTECH 2019|Towards A More Human Focused And Sustainable Built Environment|Train Factory|Helsinki, Finland.

RecoTech is designed to answer the burning question of why we should keep our entrepreneurial eyes on Proptech.

Well, here we are again in Helsinki, Finland in November. What did you miss? More than you might imagine. Scroll down and take a look. Of course, I will give my little take on the event at the end. That’s what you are here for in the first place, right?

And with that small sampling of the event itself let’s get to MY version.

  1. Dark yes, and then again dark. You just got to deal with what it is but I might say that it was “balmy” in Helsinki for this time of year. I mean it was still cold but I could have walked around with just a jacket and have been just fine.
  2. The people could not have been more polite and helpful. It’s a thing there. They are just that way, now then there are Russians…they are something altogether different.
  3. Case in point and long story short. A few of us were out and about late and wanted to get into a bar that had a line. The Russian with us said “we either bribe or intimidate to get in.” I will just let you decide where it went after that. And yes, we got right in.
  4. Helsinki itself is starting to get to me, it has its own vibe and its own soul. That’s hard to do. It’s a weird combination of eastern block old school meshed in with a modern city and then some. If you have not been, I do recommend it.
  5. My girl Nikki from WIPT said, “I think I’m falling in love with this place.” And she’s been everywhere. So it was not just me.
  6. Do I need to mention the VODKA? Probably not but I just did anyway. I did sample a beer that the taste can only be described as the “essence of a pine cone.” Wow, did it suck. But hey, you have to try new things.
  7. Transportation there seems very flowing and chill, not a lot of traffic and still busy at the same time. You can get places and do it pretty much stress-free.
  8. The venue for the event was way different and that’s what they were going for so I applaud them for that. I’m totally burnt out on the empty floor in an empty building vibe. WAY over that shit. It’s a Trillion dollar asset class, not an MLM essential oils regional weekend convention. Let’s step that shit up or get the hell out. Yea, I say the shit everyone else is thinking.
  9. The content was regional but more global this year and I like that. I listened to just about every presentation on the main stage so it’s not like I phoned it in.
  10. Dror Poleg just flat out nailed his presentation. He’s known for that anyway and all respect and props to the other presenters but he was my favorite I think. It depends on how many drinks he buys me after this blatant endorsement!
  11. The support staff and volunteers do not get enough credit for helping put these things on. I wish there was a better way to do that than just saying thank you. Let me work on that one.
  12. I had some kind of sandwich and the event for lunch and I have no clue what it was but it was spectacular. It was one of those food truck specials, and they nailed it.
  13. Hydrate, that’s all I can say, Hydrate!
  14. Seven-hour time difference and the jet lag was a bitch. I do bop about the planet but no matter what you do, your body does what it does.
  15. If you encounter someone in a bar with a shaved head and tats remember they made those choices for a reason. Deal with it.
  16. Queen still kills it at a Karaoke bar. Freddy just flat out kills.
  17. Yes, I live in New York so I will walk out in front of cars and dare them to hit me, which does seem to shock a few people in Helsinki. they abide by the rules which is nice.
  18. Did I mention how well run and organized this event was? I don’t want to repeat myself if I did. Just checking.
  19. The holiday season in any city seems to make it just that more magical with everything lit up and sparkly.
  20. I got invited to the Russian Proptech Conference next year, I can only begin to imagine the differences between that conference and this one and when I say that remember I like the Russians I have met. They have a certain ZERO filter to them that I love yet at the same time a drive to succeed that can’t be faked in any way.

Well, that about does it, again if you have the time and want to experience a distinct part of the global proptech scene, this is about as good as it gets. There is nothing like it on this planet and that’s what makes it just that more special.


+1 Sjoerd Postema you are a God among us mere mortals which of course makes Tasha a Goddess!

+1+1 Yes, I know what kalsarikännit is but will never admit to it in public.



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