Real Massive Unveils It’s Latest Technology Innovation: Project Atlas.

RealMassive Unveils It’s Latest Technology Innovation: Project Atlas.

Project Atlas, a breakthrough technology platform that integrates RealMassive’s data, first-party data and third-party data to rapidly visualize risk and opportunity at the market, submarket, and property level. Users can create multiple visualizations of data, including heat maps, and animate that data over time. Commercial real estate decision makers will now have access to new insights to enable smarter business decisions and increase deal efficiency.

“Project Atlas provides CRE professionals with a holistic view of the swiftly changing commercial real estate market,” It provides a seamless way to integrate and visualize disparate sets of data to enable more effective decision making. The response from asset managers and financiers of commercial real estate has been exceptional. Project Atlas is emblematic of our mission to empower CRE with the best data and technology available.”- Craig Hancock CEO Real Massive.

To learn more about Project Atlas or request a private session for a comprehensive review of how to use the platform, contact: or visit:

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