Random Thoughts And Observations From DiscoverCREtech Boston. It Was WICKED SMAHT!

Well, how many years has it been? Five I think since the very first one in SF. After all this time they may have just had the best one ever in Boston.

Of course, what would a CRE//Tech//Inter/Tech//Discover// thing be without my own unique take on the events and people involved?

I’ve said more than once and I will say it again “If I’m not there did it really happen?” The answer? NO, probably not!

Let’s get started.

The space at 100 Federal Ave was incredible and open airy and just about a perfect size.


Michel Beckerman kicked the events of the evening off quickly and dead on time. I like that.

First up was Steve Weikal from @MITCRE and he put on a stellar presentation.

Steve went into some of the depth of #CRE and tech and was almost historical if you will and he said the words ” Fracking Real Estate.” Now, I completely giving him credit for that phrase. I’m totally stealing it and using it all over whenever I can but there Steve you get all the props for being first.

Hey, its  MIT, they might be kind of smart.

Next up was the main panel.

And they said this…

And what a fantastic panel it was. Great content great questions and simple blount informational answers.

It could not have gone better.

This is the kind of thing I want to see when I go to these events.

These are the people I want to network with.

This is how you do it.

And if that wasn’t enough next up was Brad Greiwe from Fitfth Wall.

And he just killed it. The depth of where he went and how far Fith Wall may go was just amazing.

What can I say but “preaching to the choir!”

Let me throw out big props to all the people who came up to me and made it a point to say kind words.

B. Eric Grahm CEO CrowdComfort.

Philip Gonsalves Managing Partner Exceder Real Estate Advisors.

Scott Sidman CMO Building Engines.

Arie Barendrecht CEO WiredScore.

Pramod Thaz Founder RealVectors.

Bobby Goodman Co-Founder at Truss.

And a  big thanks to the many many more.

It was a bit surprising there were not more startup companies in attendance but maybe that’s just me.

It’s always interesting to see what’s new different and coming.

BUT, now onto something a bit different, CoStar.

They had two people there and they actually talked to me. It was all nice and businessy.

But this gave me an idea…..

How about a fireside chat with Andy Florance CEO of Costar and me at the next @DiscoverCREtech in NYC this December?

Yea, there you go. Want to pack them in and set the #CRE #Tech world on fire, let’s make that happen!

So here it is an open invitation to the CEO of Costar Andy Florance, let’s sit in front of I’m guessing 1000+ #CRE and #Tech people and have a chat. Fair, upfront open, and mic on.

How long can you deny the fact that some of the companies are on their way now and will eclipse the market cap of one of the “leading legacy companies?”

Not very long in my opinion. How about you?

Just look at ALL the money coming into #CRE and #Tech and look where it’s coming from, Brookfield, Blackston, CBRE, JLL, Cush Wake, Colliers and on and on and on and on.

So there it is. The Big City, The Big Stage, and all the world watching and listening to anything you have say.

My email is dukelong@dukelong.com. All you have to do is say yes, I will handle everything else!

See you in NYC?????


+1 Yes, I went to Dunkin Donuts. I think it’s mandatory when you visit Boston. It was Wicked Smaht!









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