Random Thoughts And Observations from CRE//TECH Intersect San Francisco. May No Ego Go Unscathed!

Well, here we are again. It’s now getting deep into 2017 and the conference and event season is in full swing.

Actually when is it ever not in full swing for that matter?

The more we can and do connect online the more it seems to be important to connect face to face. How’s that for a non-original thought!

I have been attending CRE//Tech Intersect since….the beginning. I have also kept a keen eye on the scene and thrown a few observations and anecdotes in for good measure. Like this: 20 Thoughts CRE // TECH INTERSECT New York.

Wow, that seems like a long time ago and just look at me and some guy from Houston: My how things do change.

Before the event, there was a bit of networking at a super secret invitation-only reception: Or the annual thing at Pierce’s amazing apartment, whichever you prefer.

This version of  CRE//TECH Intersect was planned and executed by the amazing team at TheNewsFunnel.

The time, the effort, the pain in the ass it must take to put these things on goes without recognition. I would like to thank the entire team and hope for them nothing but continued success in the future.

I use the metaphor of a wedding when I reference events like this. I show up dressed all pretty. I find a seat in the comfy white chairs. I sit I watch and I observe. I get to meet new and interesting people. I get to meet up and connect with old friends and then we head for the food and booze. What’s not to like? It’s all good for me. Again like a wedding. If something goes wrong or not to plan I have no idea. I’m too busy having fun and networking my ass off. There are other parts of the metaphor I could get into but shh shhh, let’s just leave that alone for now!

An impressive lineup and panelists and Keynotes:

Of course, there were #CRETech Companies all over the place.

And of course Networking:

And the After Party:

And here is a visual summary of the entire event.


Much fun and businessy stuff was had by all and you must be wondering why the “No Egos Unscathed” in the title?

But Wait!


If you continue you may be offended.

If you want to come away with the “Everything Is Awesomeness” in #CRETech then stop and click off NOW!

I said STOP!

Click Off!

So, with fair warning, far be it from me to let you down and not drop the warm and fuzzy hug fest facade.

Let’s start off with the San Francisco vibe. Well of course everyone on the west coast is so fucking smarter than everyone else on the planet. Why don’t you start off by solving the homeless problem on Market Street or do you just not notice? Of course, you don’t. It’s hard to miss the smell of urine and every other bodily fluid from high up on the hill is it not? If you don’t see it, it does not exist and when it is mentioned you call it a “local” problem. Of course, you’re not originally from here so it’s not your issue.

You are totally cool with people smoking joints walking down the street, hey it’s basically legal right? I guess taking a shit in broad daylight on the sidewalk is too. Why worry about that? It’s that whole civil liberties thing. I get it. Wait, I’m not in and or from SF so I’m not smart enough to understand.

Wait, is none of that about real estate? Of course not. The security guards stationed at every doorway of every retailer is of no concern. I wonder who made that real estate decision? Obviously, someone who has never spent five seconds in front of their own store.Now that’s quality real estate location management. Just remember the entire world can read this if they so choose. I wouldn’t want to take away any of their civil rights to do so, or their ability to form an opinion on their own. When an Uber driver stops and lets you off blocks before the stench, that means they know from experience what’s up. How much is that Unicorn worth again? Maybe it was just “my” upfront and personal experience with the city, it is beautiful I’m sure. I’ve seen the pictures so it must be true.

The event itself again was all good but oh how fun it is to watch and listen. Remember, this scene is starting to mature so there are now all kinds of people involved for many reasons. I was impressed with the quality of speakers and it shows the growth and depth of the asset class that we represent. Big shout out to Jessica Jensen from Facebook, she was outstanding. Myself Alex Markson and Tom Byrne went for front row seats. Hey, I’m not just there to schmooze, it’s about learning and getting more perspective for me also.

Which brings me to another point and something I want to expose. And again this is MY OPINION voiced and written on a site owned by ME! Why do I feel compelled to state that after all the stuff written on this site in the past? Who knows?

There is a fringe element among us and I want to bring it to your attention.

I shall call it Whoring. Now, let me clarify. Whoring by definition is???? Oh if you click and read I think I am dead on in my assessment. And it is starting, wait is already deep and forceful (phrasing) in #CRE/#Prop/#ProTech. It’s using whatever perceived gain there is or can be from technology and commercial real estate and exploiting it for personal gain with absolutely NO recourse. Until Now!

Should I could I name names and post pictures? Meh, too easy.

But, how many Tweet, write, opine and pitch as if they own any and all thoughts or products in and around commercial real estate and to gain what?

How many do so with ZERO support of the community in any way.

Here’s a simple question.

How many did NOT show up in SF? To coin a phrase “A fucking shitload!”

Oh, hell yes (they) are just too important and too busy. This thing was scheduled MONTHS in advance. MONTHS.

BUT you don’t have the time. You just want to ride the wave or better yet the coattails of all who have come before you.

Let me give you an example of how it Should be done.

His name is Pierce. He has volunteered since when, hell, he created the thing. Since the beginning. He has built a community. He helped create an entire segment of new technology companies. Need I go on? Has he made a penny? I hope so if anyone deserves to gain it’s him. The countless hours and hours of volunteering, helping any and all. Too easy of an example?

What have the Whores done? Nothing. Nothing but scrape away at the flesh of those who can and do. What is their contribution to the community? Nothing.

Oh, and there are the PR Whores who will take any and every opportunity to exploit the community. Thought Leadership they call it. I call it generically written bullshit with no basis in fact. A canned and systematic “campaign” to do what? Exploit! I find that a bit ironic.

There is, of course, the new technology wave of what? NOTHING! The Whores have NO fucking idea, they just rattle off letters.

I am getting and will continue to get some serious shit for laying this all out there. I could care the fuck less.

My one basic thought is this. Commercial real estate people are smart as hell. Fucking smart as hell. A thousand times!

The good no the great companies have and will always figure out a way.

The Whores on the other hand just want to do what?

Be better Whores!


+1 Hi Michael.

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  • Well of course, people in SF are WAY smarter than any of us from flyover states like oh, Arkansas, or Indiana. But maybe they aren’t quite as full frontal honest as those of us from mid of nowhere, two lane road, Wal Mart shopping America. Props for acknowledging Pierce’s hard work and advocacy on behalf of this industry. Keep preaching.