Random Thoughts And Observations From CRE//TECH Intersect Los Angeles, Where Narcissism Is Not Only Encouraged It’s Rewarded.

Well, well, well, yet another CRE//Tech Intersect event and this time in LA.

I have to say it’s been long overdue. LA is the second largest #CRE market in the US and the weather is always nice so why not.

Let’s get right to it.

Big thanks to Lew and the team at CBRE for graciously hosting.

Yes, there are pictures but they do not do this incredible space the justice it deserves. Did I mention the view?

The guy on my left (right side of the pic) The CIO of @therealnavigatr was a punter at USC. How cool is that?

The Content was stellar and yes I sat through it all. It was that good.

My boy Michael kicking it off. I wonder if you can see (his) bottle of Tequila in any of the following pics? And no I was not doing shots with him. Don’t judge! Hey, Dan…#BoilerUp!

The Autonomous car presentation was Sooooo…….good. If you get a chance don’t miss it!

Lew and Brad just nailed it. I’m surprised Brad made it out alive. I had about seven people ask me to meet him alone. I said ‘just go up yourself.” I was not being rude, Brad is a very approachable person and besides if you raise a couple hundred million it gets peoples undivided attention. Oh and since I gave USC some love I’m pretty sure Brad was a wide receiver at Harvard. Have you stood next to him? Oy!

Did Lew invent #spaceasaservice? I think he did. I’m giving him credit for it! That’s good enough for me. #GoBigGreen.

Of course, there were several standout companies in attendance representing a diverse collection of #CRETech products.

When is TenX not killing it? Never!

Leading the visual pack IMO.

Gee, WeWork what a concept, maybe I need to look into it? Hell, I just need to go get some space in NYC. Somebody at WeWork hook me up!

Again I loved the content BUT the Networking alone is worth its weight in BitCoin! (Ha)

Yes, Michael has hair envy. I will just leave that here.

Props to Kevin, so many great pics to choose from.

The answer is Jerry Porter. If you know SoCal Real Estate (hell, all of #CRE) he is indeed legendary and still pounding out the deals today. Just listening to him talk about them was worth the 5-hour flight alone. He said he drove two hours just to see me. I was dumbfounded. Oh and I never do selfies ever. I wanted one with him!!!!! I asked! Pro tip: If you meet someone like this, get a fucking picture! He was sitting right in the front row BTW taking it all in. The front row, not in the back running his mouth. Do yourself a favor and look at his roster of clients. Holy Shit!

Who is that guy with the beard on the right? Looks familiar.

Well, I could go on and on. I am not acknowledging so many people I met. I’m sorry about that. (Hey Jack, My Amigo) There were so many more conversations. I didn’t even mention the dinner hosted the night before by Silicon Valley Bank. They were so nice and knowledgeable about #CRE and #Tech. The food was too good. Desert, what desert? I just ate it. I’m looking at you, Colleen. Is Octopus Vegan? Michael thinks so or the salad was especially “fresh.”


Is this the part where I rip into………………

Not going to happen this time.

I had a great time.

The event was almost perfect.

The conversations were…..sublime.

See you in New York in December.

NEW YORK, NY 10036
DECEMBER 7, 2017

I wonder if Michael will give me a discount? I can always try.

Random Thoughts And Observations From CRE//TECH Intersect Los Angeles, Where Narcissism Is Not Only Encouraged It’s Rewarded.


+1 Ok, I can’t help myself. I just don’t get LA. (Love the #CRE peoples’ thou). Thank God for New York!!!

+1+1 Maybe that’s the reason for the title.



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