commercial real estate e-mail marketing

Sitting back doing a little surfing the other day and ran across this e-mail marketing site for commercial property.  I have done my fair share of drip and broadcasting campaigns in my day.  I certainly get my fair share of  property e-mails. Curious.  How many of you use a service like this?  Do you do your own though your company?  Is an e-mail database push the only way you market property?  How effective do you think it really is?  I am very curious about the data base they send the e-mails out to.  What about cost and the ever present ROI?  This company seems to be up and coming and very strong.  They are looking to upgrade and have a beta release next week adding these features:

  • 100% truly automated system
  • Real time queue availability (view available dates to send)
  • Select the time slot for your campaign to be sent
  • Save your work function
  • View available campaign credits (including free campaigns)
  • 80 new and easy to use templates
  • Upload your own image file or HTML

Who else is out there?  I also found  They seem to be a direct competitor.  Anyone using either or both?  Thoughts?

Duke Long