Podcast #189 Elie Finegold Real Estate and Technology Entrepreneur.

As one of the first and most influential pioneers of this wave of commercial real estate and technology, how did we get here?

How do some of the biggest commercial real estate organizations in the world use their data?

Are they now and why should they invest in their data and why is that important?

Does that mean disintermediation? What’s the role for brokers and other service providers in a high-tech, data-rich environment?

What are the key points commercial real estate focus on when assessing mobility, the sharing economy, transportation as a service, and especially autonomous transportation?

Why now and why is it so important? What has changed in the last couple years?

Are we spending enough time and investment in the built environment?

Is it the true technology future of commercial real estate?

All this and so much more!

Linkedin: Elie Finegold

Twitter: @ElieFinegold

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