Podcast #148 Diane Vrkic Founder CEO Waypoint.

What if real estate professionals have not only access to data but what if that data is made available in a manner as user-friendly as possible?

What if real estate teams could communicate across a portfolio no matter where they were located?

The current wave of CRE tech provides infinite data but data is just data if you can’t derive insights and drive value.

Where is next wave of CRE tech going and how will it help unlock hidden value in data-driven organizations?

The recent wave of tech innovation has solved the first challenge, which is getting to the starting point.

Systems now house information, not people. Faster access to insight.

What’s next?

Performance analytics?

Enabling collaboration?

All this and so much more.


Waypoint is the leading expense and performance analytics technology solution enhancing the way commercial real estate professionals gather insights to drive asset performance. Founded in 2009 by Diane Vrkic, a former Fortune 50 Chief Operating Officer in the CRE industry, the Waypoint financial analytics solution provides a simplified way for asset and property managers to drive down expenses, improve operating efficiencies across a portfolio and deliver greater returns for owners and investors. Waypoint also works with electric and natural gas utilities to plan, design and deploy large-scale market transformation, energy efficiency and demand-side management programs for commercial users.

Diane Vrkic.

Diane Vrkic is the founder and CEO of Waypoint, the premier asset management platform for performance analytics and operations management. Waypoint arms real estate professionals with trusted local market intelligence and a solution focused on driving asset value. Waypoint makes it easy for asset managers to identify real-time performance opportunities; property managers to effectively manage costs, and acquisition teams to validate financials of target properties. Waypoint is fueled by over 2 billion square feet across 275 U.S. markets – making it the industry’s largest operating performance database of its kind. Prior to Waypoint, Diane was the Global Chief Operating Officer for Jones Lang LaSalle’s Energy Services Business. Diane is an active leader in industry organizations such as ULI and BOMA as well as industry initiatives such as the DOE’s Better Buildings Initiative. She is dedicated to improving the way commercial real estate decision-makers access and uses information to enhance the performance of their assets.

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