Podcast #117 Commercial Real Estate Is All Straight White Males and That May Never Change.

Below are the just the comments. If they don’t make you curious enough to listen??????

“Whenever I receive an off-putting remark about being a woman in CRE, it just makes me work that much harder. Thanks for the bump in motivation, I’m sure my competition will not appreciate it.”

“Oh, really Mr. Duke Long. As a woman, aka. Bitch in heels, you have inspired me to work harder (If that’s possible). As a representative of a non-baby boomer generation, I will remember your words, when all of your “boomers” are retiring and or going into nursing homes…..my generation will be right behind taking your jobs. Let me tell you, non-boomers are MUCH different from your generation…..it is no longer a “man’s world.” Intimidated by a powerful woman perhaps? It’s a good thing you are a boomer because I don’t think you could survive working with a newer generation with that mentality. It’s a new age, get with the times old man! Yes, I said it!”

The next one is pure gold.

“Duke you are an absolute idiot! I know your type and you exhibit signs of NPD ( let me spell that out for you…Narcissist Personality Disorder! Good news is that in your mind “you” are “NEVER” wrong. The BAD NEWS THAT THERE IS NO CURE for NPD and you will never see that you have a problem.”

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