On The Road And Seeking The Commercial Real Estate Technology Edge. 25 Random Thoughts.

On The Road And Seeking The Commercial Real Estate Technology Edge.25 Random Thoughts.

Airport Security, Taxi Cabs, $9 Beer, Time Zones, Thin Walls, $20 In Room Internet,The Glamour.

1.Austin Texas. No honey I did not go into the Bikini Bar. I did however glance that way briefly….really.

2.San Francisco. SOM is fantastic. Jason yes that was the best burrito I have ever eaten.

3.Every city I go to I walk and get tons of stuff done. When I am home I always drive and sit in my car in traffic. Hmmm.

4.San Francisco. The bartender from Philly completely understood my east coast time zone issues. It is indeed never to early. Cheers!

5.”Looked back on my busy day eleven hours in a tin pan god there’s got to be another way”. “Who are you?” I can so relate.

6.I say again create the product.Launch it ! Get customers/users and then we will talk about taking over the world.

7.Also every and I mean every presentation I see starts with a Co-Star and Loopnet logo. Be original. Just a thought.

8.Commercial real estate brokers are a great user base and create a great data set. Quit trying to hose them with more of the same. What’s Next?

9.Chicago. Invited to the 1871 Tech Hub for a tour. I got to go.

10.Austin. I realize the world revolves around UT…. but….so much more cool and nasty stuff. YES!

11.Chicago. Word is they are already out of space at 1871. PR or reality? If true…buy some warehouses scrub the brick and varnish the beams.

12.Chicago. The most advanced companies and products for commercial real estate I have seen are coming from here. It must be the snow.

13.Co -Star and Loopnet deal goes through. At least 5 groups tell me they are looking to fill the void. My question. What the hell are you waiting on?

14.In reference to the last statement. It’s always been there.

15.Indy. Strong Strong Vibe for Tech. Hell yes I am biased. I remember when people thought basketball was important. Google Oscar Robinson.OMG!

16.Atlanta. Sneaking in and out and talking BIM.

17.Question. You want to take down Co-Star/Loopnet? Show me your fuc*ing check. No wait better show me the VC ‘s check and your mommy’s bank account!

18.Indy. Loving the Speakeasy..no it is not a bar…or is it?

19.Random shit. Am I the only one that looks at a warehouse when driving down the interstate and thinks of dock and door heights?

20.Rocketspace. You want to be there and breathe in the co-working/vc/start-up/bicycle hanging/carpet the place with Stanford MBA’s vibe.

21.OK this is very hard. I can not stand the Red Sox hats. I know it is juvenile and I love the tech vibe here but…WHITESOX! all right then Yankees!

22.Combine commercial real estate with tech start-ups bars restaurants cool housing tons of money and call it the Boston Innovation District. Unbelievable!

23.Want to find out how strong your commercial real estate market may be in the future? Ask your mayor to name the top 10 tech companies in your area.

24.If he/she can’t name them and tell you what they are doing to create 50 more. MOVE!

25.Hitting the road for commercial real estate and seeking the technology edge.It’s exciting. It’s amazing.It’s what will change commercial real estate forever.


Photo Credit:http://www.flickr.com/photos/casisthefirst/



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