Old School Commercial Real Estate, Still Kicking Your Ass

Think that all of your beeping gadgets and tethered toys are just the coolest things ever?  Do you know what the latest I- pop app or whatever they call them are and think it rules the world?  Well, great for you. I have some news for you son.  I’m kicking your ass and here’s how and why.

1.  I get my butt up and moving- First of all commercial real estate does not happen sitting at the desk.  It happens in the field.  A successful pro must be in the field every day, yes every day.

2.  I am mobile- As in get in your car and drive your market, yes every day.

3.  I am really mobile– They have these things call shoes.  Walking, knocking on doors, climbing stairs, you would be amazed what you see and hear.  On the ground.

4.  I meet people- Tenants, property managers, building owners, (remember them)

5. I listen and learn- I get info about their families, politics, hobbies and their business.  Guess what, they tell me stuff.  Like lease information, when they are moving and what they really need.  In great detail. They like me.

6. I feel the market- I keep up with what businesses are expanding and contracting.  I analyze why.

7. I know the ropes– Zoning, planning, permits, water, local, municipal. Yes, I went to school with the wonderful gals behind the desks at the city and county.  I don’t abuse the relationship.  I nurture it.

8.  I know where to go– I attend the events that matter for commercial real estate.  I attend the events that are not so good for it too.  I also stand in there and represent commercial real estate when we are getting hammered.

9. I’m a pro– The average broker spends 8 or 9 years in this business.  How many do you think are left from this last bloodletting?  Think they will jump back in when it looks like a little easy money can be made?  I’ll be here if they want to come back, but I doubt it.  They made the real pros look bad.  They probably went on to some Social Media “consulting” job.  It looked easy for a while didn’t it.  Good riddance.

10. Time- as in you are not willing to:

a. Stay away from the gadgets.  They are just distractions…..for the lazy.

b. Realize commercial real estate is NOT an online business.

c. Take time away from your “real” life.  This one may hurt but, you are not willing to be away from your family, friends and fun.  Friend of mine is a HUGE hitter.  His quote “17 hours a day for 25 years.  That’s my secret.”  Balls in all the way or not?

Take this as friendly or not so friendly advice.  Just telling it like it is and showing you the way it’s still done today.  Play with your toys all you want.  I’ll just keep cashing my checks…for the next 20 years.

Photo via Flickr Matt Hewitt http://www.flickr.com/photos/aduki/

Duke Long