National Association of Real Estate Editors #NAREE2012

As you read this I will be in Denver attending the annual conference of the National Association of Real Estate Editors.

Most of you may not be familiar with this organisation but what a great group of people. If the meetings and dinner I attended in Anaheim are any indication Denver should be very informative and great fun.

As with any conference they have a full schedule and agenda.

Instead of me drilling into the essence of the who why how and whats why don’t I let this years president do it for me.

President’s 2012 Welcome

By Harold Bubil,

Sarasota Herald-Tribune


Welcome to Not to be confused with

We are the National Association of Real Estate Editors, also known as NAREE, which rhymes either with “sorry,” if you are Chairman of the Board Leigh Robinson, or “carry,” if you are everyone else.If you are looking for the singer named Naree, who “thinks in music” and would be beyond obscure if not for Google and You Tube, you are in the wrong place. Our members think in real estate. And most of us are not at all musical. Although when a few of us go out for karaoke after night 3 of the Spring Journalism Conference, all bets are off. I hear Ralph Bivins does a low, slow “Folsom Prison Blues.” However, many of our members are poets. Maybe you are, too.

And here, at, you can learn what NAREE has to offer, such as:The annual journalism competition. This is our version of the big journalism prize that begins with a “P,” and we have more than 20 categories for all sorts of your endeavors, from editing to reporting to broadcasting to blogging. There’s a category for best overall entry by an individual, and best entry by a young journalist, which I hope to win when someone invents a youth ointment that can turn the clock waaay back.The Robert Bruss Book Awards. Named for the late and esteemed Robert Bruss, who wrote a real estate book review every week for decades, this is the top prize of book authors. As Leigh Robinson says, “There is a real estate book in you.” You just have to find it.

The Spring Journalism Conference. The No. 1 event of the year, it will be held this year from June 20-23 in Denver. Guaranteed to pad your notebook, iPad or digital recorder with a dozen or more good story ideas, this is an outstanding working conference and a whole lot of fun, too. (Maybe we can get Naree to entertain some year.)

The Fall Summit. Held each year at the National Association of Realtors convention, the gathering has been held recently in San Diego, New Orleans and Anaheim, right next to Disneyland. (I thought I saw Executive Director Mary Doyle Kimball stuffing some mouse ears into her suitcase.)The Winter Meetings at the International Builders Show. Orlando, Las Vegas, Orlando, repeat. Well worth attending as a story font and an opportunity to interview leaders of the building industry.

We are NAREE —  THE professional association of journalists who cover residential real estate, commercial real estate, real property finance, home building and home-design topics. We count among our members reporters, feature writers, columnists, freelancers, newspaper or magazine staffers, web contributors, bloggers and real estate book authors? Oh, and there is an editor or two among us, your 2012 president among them. I appreciate that at least we are the National Association of Real Estate Editor. As Naree sings on You Tube (and she is pretty good), “Enough.”

Learning  and Networking.

What a great opportunity for me to learn and network with some of the best in the business. Think it will change my style? I doubt it but something good has got to rub off on me somehow you would think. 🙂 BTW I hear they have beer in Denver!

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