My Take On The Winter 2018 Real Estate Tech Meetup – Blockchain & Crypto

With a friendly in person and then email invitation from Maria Seredina M&A and Partnerships at Zillow Group and Patrick Janson CEO ProDeal360 I attended the NYC Real Estate Tech Startups Winter 2018 Real Estate Tech Meetup – Blockchain & Crypto

Now, I say I get invited to all kinds of stuff and I do but why single this one out?

Well, of course, it’s the ever-mercurial topic of Blockchain & Crypto, add in real estate and I’m there.

You might want to make sure you scroll all the way down just in case you think you may miss my “opinion.”

The event was sponsored by Zillow, ProDeal360 CitrusByte

The event was hosted by Rise NYC  If you ever get the chance make sure to check out RISE NYC, it is a well thought out Class A space.

Of course, there was the nice food and beverage set up before the event to help facilitate the networking.

The Agenda was simple straightforward and just flowed right along.

• 7 – 7:15 pm: Welcome and Sponsor Talks:
David Kullmann of CitrusByte ( – “What are Distributed Apps?”

• 7:15 – 7:30pm: Keynote
Pratin Vallabhaneni,( of White & Case – “US Crypto Regulation”

• 7:30 – 8:00pm: Presentations
ConsenSys (Brent Xu, Protocol Business Architect) (

REX (Stephen King, CEO) (

RealBlocks (Perrin Quarshie, CEO) (

Look at those smiling faces!

Looks like just another real estate meetup put on all the time, right? I must say the turn out was very good considering the weather was nothing short of atrocious and the transportation choices were limited to some if not outright canceled. I was soaked and freezing when I hit the lobby myself. Kudos to the hearty souls who braved it along with me.

And to be honest it was just that. A quality well run meetup of like-minded real estate people seeking what I am assuming the same thing I was, more knowledge and perspective on a topic of interest.

The content and quality of speakers and presentations were about as good as it gets. They were all on topic and had their stuff down. There was even the occasional moment of levity because hey we are just people trying to keep it real or something like that. The audience was attentive and somewhat chill as the kids say (yes I know the other connotation of that phrase BTW) let’s keep it, clean people.

Now after the event I did not stick around to network as I had another previous commitment and had to bail.

So, that’s about it. There I’m done…….




Where is it?

The nasty?

There is no nasty.

Did you just read the article and look at the pictures?

What were you expecting?

Some diatribe about changing the world forever by decentralizing every inch of the owned real estate in the world for the better of all human beings and that it’s the only way the world will survive ever and ever……… oh and as long as the basement-dwelling Lambo lusting D&D nerds own all of that shit because they have figured out how to “game” the system and own it. Yea, as long as THEY OWN IT!

Decentralized as long as it owned by………..some punk ass kid? Nope, I’m pretty sure NOT!

Twitter hate me all you want. Don’t make me call your dad!

What I attended was an event of people trying to figure out to make real estate………better.

That’s it. I was in a room with some intelligent real estate people discussing thinking learning questioning and who knows maybe figuring out how to make some money and pay the rent.

That’s what I was a part of…..and I’m sure that is now and will be more of the case around the world possibly every night.

I think may have written this earlier in an article but to paraphrase myself “what happens when all the smart people in real estate figure this blockchain thing out, and then bring all their money with them?”

Yea, there we go.

But hey, that’s just  My Take On The Winter 2018 Real Estate Tech Meetup – Blockchain & Crypto.



+1 I did mention Air Drop before did I not?











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