MIPIM/MetaProp SUMMIT NYC Summary. #PropTech Goes Global.

MIPIM/MetaProp SUMMIT NYC Summary. #PropTech Goes Global.

MIPIM/MetaProp SUMMIT NYC Summary.#PropTech Goes Global.

Well, well, well…here we are “recovered” from an eventful week of events. (Boom, see what I did there) As always I sit back and reflect on those specific things that remain in my memory for better or worse.

If some of you are not familiar, I am known for many (mostly amazing) things, but one of those is certainly providing perspective about certain conferences that I attend.

Now, before I get started, let’s be sure to establish the fact that I WIIL AT SOME POINT OFFEND SOMEONE. It’s not my intent but it’s going to happen regardless.

Between you and I that’s the reason you are sitting there reading this. I imagine you thinking “Who’s he going to nail this time?” “Wow, did he just put that out in public?” “Holy Shit, I can’t believe he has the balls to…”

Hey now, let’s step off the pedal for a second. There is actually so many more positive things that did actually happen so can we focus on those? I will leave that up to you.

First off, The Altman Building as a venue was just about perfect. Clean open space with plenty of room to get around but still intimate. The green room downstairs was a nice touch. It also served as a practice area for some of the startups working on their pitch.  A quick side. The second I walked in the door I started looking for an outlet to plug in my phone. Elon Musk is planning to populate Mars and it’s all I can do to keep my phone charged. Yea, I know…don’t say it.

The staff was friendly and helpful. They had people standing next to the bathroom doors. I’m not sure what that was about but it made me wash my hands extra long. I have no idea what I thought that would accomplish but I did it anyway. Just me being me.

The lineup of presenters and panel participants was varied diverse and spectacular.

The startup competition was spaced out over the entire event, of course, I picked the exact winners. (I have mad skills.)

I did a thing about Future Commercial Real Estate Technologies and kept it clean and professional. Many thanks to all for the kind words. The panel members were outstanding and brought serious knowledge. It was mentioned more than once to me that the panel had “good flow.” Not sure exactly what that is but I like it, so thanks again. As a side. The fact that Eisenberg wore red socks almost threw me off. But I am a pro and made it through without incident.

The networking was just ridiculous. There were people from all over the world in attendance. India, England, France, China. That alone was worth the price of admission.

And of course, I am The Godfather so I jumped right in.

Now this is the part where I expound and glorify the organizers including behind the scenes people who made this event happen. Far be it for me to be at a lost for words but I am left a bit speechless. If there is anyone of us, who has had to volunteer our time and effort to put on any event we all know how hard and difficult it truly is. I a bit jokingly said that conferences such as this for me are like weddings. I put on a nice suit show up sit down pay attention talk to and hang out with a few people and then wait patiently for the food and booze to show up so that the fun can begin. I know it’s part metaphor, but It’s no stress for me. Now the organizers on the other hand. WOW, must sweat every detail. And for that how can I truly thank you. This was a precisely executed and thoroughly thought out event. No detail, however, small was missed. I was told that they rehearsed some parts of the event.  Now that’s commitment to putting on a perfect show. Was it perfect? It was in my mind. How much value did I take away? It’s hard for me to even to try and calculate. How do you put a price on something like that?

The daylight started to fade, and we spilled out into the street to group up and “network” into the night.

I know this was the first event of this kind of MIPIM in the US. It was also the first time for MetaProp. All I can think of is how are you guys going to top this one. Did you peak with this one event? Was it too perfect? I’m not sure what the plans for the future may be, but PLEASE do make sure I’m on the email list for any potential additional events.

MIPIM/MetaProp SUMMIT NYC Summary. #PropTech Goes Global.

+1 That was pretty clean? Hmmm, losing my edge?

+1+1 Who are these guys?

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