Metaprop Demo Day. Beware, It’s The Classic Duke Brain Flow Summary.

Metaprop Demo Day. Beware, It’s The Classic Duke Brain Flow Summary

Metaprop Demo Day. Beware, It’s The Classic Duke Brain Flow Summary.

Ok, first off the day started with me trying to meet up with Travis Barrington from at Grand Central station so we could catch a train together. Now, how in the hell do two adults males find each other in one of the most iconic open spaces in the world during morning rush? Answer: Not well.

Me, on the phone: “Dude I’m standing next to the military guys, at the 42nd street passage. ”

Travis replying: “I’m at the 30th street entrance, and I don’t see you.”

” What part of 42nd did you not understand? 30th is not 42nd.”

” What side are you on?”

” I’m on the side that’s lined with military people. ”

” I will walk that way. I see a wall but I don’t see you or the military people”

” That’s narrowing it down, how many walls are there in here? The military people are in camo maybe that’s not helping.”

” I’m walking through the Hudson News right now.”

” Did I say I was in the Hudson News Store?”

” I still walking. I don’t see you yet.”

” Ok, keep walking, I’m the white guy in the dark suit, should be easy to find.”

” Keep the phone on, I’m still walking”

” Dude look to your left, I been watching you talk to me for the last two minutes.”

Now, Travis is my boy and a great dude but seriously…..did I mention we had to shop for clothes the night before because and I quote him here, “I didn’t pack well.”

Did I mention Travis is the father of five awesome children?

Of course, I having a bit of fun at Travis’s expense (what did he expect, you hang with me and…) but for you ladies that wonder what happens when you are not around?

It’s ten times worse than you think.

But, I will never tell. Dudes don’t talk.

Off the train and walk into 7 World Trade Center.

What a Spectacular location.

And of course, some fancy media stuff included from The News Funnel.

Did I mention someone brought a baby? #CRE and #TECH will man up whenever necessary.

What no pic? I almost did, but it’s somebodies, small child. Showing some respect. He was a cutie. Aren’t they all?

Big thanks and shout out to Silverstein for hosting. Gracious, professional and humble.

Quality and dare I say it quick focused and informative keynotes.

Another quick shout out to keynote speaker Tal Kerrett, President of Silverstein Properties. Why?  Mr. Kerret served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces for six years, that’s why. How awesome is that?  You know I have a thing for the military people.

A quick side: Aaron and I talk, message or mail occasionally. He called to ask if there was anything I thought he should emphasize in his presentation. I said, “he should give MetaProp some serious Props. Come on you guys are just hammering it. Tell your story.” He was like, “Nah come that’s not was this is about. It’s about the companies and what they are doing. I said ” yes I get that, but your helping create a global community far beyond just your investments. How may people know or understand exactly what you are doing? I’m not saying you get up there and gloat or just talk about how awesome you guys are, but tell how you are not only involved but are helping push cre and tech globally. Remember when you introduced me to Phil Russo for the first time. You said ‘this is the godfather he was talking writing and doing all of this before we even knew what #CRETech was. He helped start it all.” And was like yea, whatever. But do you get the point?

Aaron, I know you are not looking for the recognition. So, I’m just going to give it to you anyway.

A couple of statements caught my attention for some reason.

Think about it!!!

How about the actual companies that presented? Ok, I’m getting there.

Click on the links below and check them out for yourself.

They are all stellar and how can you pick a favorite?

I have two. Which one’s are they? Shhhh, I’m not going to tell.

And what else but some serious networking to conclude the day. I’m on the left about halfway back. No, not near the food!

MetaProp knows how to do events and make positives in #CRE happen. Thanks so much for the invite and for helping push the #Proptech world forward. Special thanks to the team behind the scenes who make it all look flawless. (without mugging for the camera<<< I see you, Aaron)

Metaprop Demo Day. Beware, It’s The Classic Duke Brain Flow Summary.

+1 And then there is…….. Dude, there’s a pic of us in a convertible and now this????

+1+1 Hey Zac.


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