Luna Tech Designs. Geo-Spatial Commercial Real Estate Marketing.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Future?

Luna Tech-3d is another cutting edge company looking at commercial real estate marketing in ways never thought of before. Take a look at the site and think about the way you or your clients are brought to the information,not the old school way of having the information brought to you.

Luna Tech clients gain an entirely new tool to save both time and money when marketing available properties. The 3D models and photo-realistic facades give a prospective buyer a rich experience before either the salesperson or customer have the need to travel to the property.

Important details such as actual existing floorplans, square footage, and other important statistics can be listed right alongside the model, in a familiar pop-up window format.

  • The LunaGlobe can be tied directly into existing MLS database systems, or display listings from your custom database
  • Show listings geographically, helping your client understand that a listing nearby to their first choice might actually be a more logical choice for their business.
  • Show listings in context of surrounding businesses. Is your client thinking of opening a bakery? Populate the globe with a simple local search of bakeries, and help guide your client’s decision making process.
  • Work with us to market your premier properties in 3D for a very reasonable fee, and reduce wasted travel time by bringing your clients to the virtual location, and integrating a tour around the entire facility.
  • Display Google’s “Street View” of numerous locations, where available, without leaving your custom LunaGlobe. It’s BUILT IN!

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