Luna Tech Designs. Geo-Spatial Commercial Real Estate Marketing.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Future?

Luna Tech-3d is another cutting edge company looking at commercial real estate marketing in ways never thought of before. Take a look at the site and think about the way you or your clients are brought to the information,not the old school way of having the information brought to you.

Luna Tech clients gain an entirely new tool to save both time and money when marketing available properties. The 3D models and photo-realistic facades give a prospective buyer a rich experience before either the salesperson or customer have the need to travel to the property.

Important details such as actual existing floorplans, square footage, and other important statistics can be listed right alongside the model, in a familiar pop-up window format.

  • The LunaGlobe can be tied directly into existing MLS database systems, or display listings from your custom database
  • Show listings geographically, helping your client understand that a listing nearby to their first choice might actually be a more logical choice for their business.
  • Show listings in context of surrounding businesses. Is your client thinking of opening a bakery? Populate the globe with a simple local search of bakeries, and help guide your client’s decision making process.
  • Work with us to market your premier properties in 3D for a very reasonable fee, and reduce wasted travel time by bringing your clients to the virtual location, and integrating a tour around the entire facility.
  • Display Google’s “Street View” of numerous locations, where available, without leaving your custom LunaGlobe. It’s BUILT IN!

Watch The Video!

Duke Long


  • This emerging technology is ultimately going to find its way to the search for space | facilities process and will be part of the marketing experience. However, what they are way off base about is the benefit of selecting a property without visiting the site. Companies want to touch and feel a site, building, floor etc. before they make a big operational and financial decision.

    CRE is often clueless about technology and the Tech world is just as clueless about CRE. Hopefully the two industries meet in the middle somewhere and then we get really exciting new products.

  • I am a HUGE proponent of the use of such technology, and in fact have been using it for years, though the earlier versions were like stone tools by comparison. They’ve merged all of the newest technologies (just about) into a very nice package.

    However, (you knew there would be a however), I’ve yet to see any technology that can provide the same experience as kicking the dirt. Of course, this will save you a lot of dirt kicking won’t it?

  • Adding another visual layer a 3-D model does nothing to change the fundamental site or building selection process. While its slick, it only add some additional perspective but changes nothing about how users select a site or property selection.

    Companies typically know what general or area or submarket they would consider for relocation and have a pretty good handle on the real estate inventory as provided by brokers and from just being in the marketplace. The actual asset features, economics and demographics drive the decision. Even for a relocation to a new city or state….that is a usually a labor force, tax environment, operating cost decision.

    Once the majority of property is modeled on google earth it very well may be a great search tool if all info is tied back to the 3 D model but until that happens its nothing more than marketing sizzle.. If someone develops a property database or even an existing provider like CoStar or LoopNet or whoever else enters the game provides the functionality of searching via google earth, well that would be pretty cool. For now I don’t see how a having a 3-D model of your building gives you an advantage in actually having your property selected by a user. Users are typically finding all the properties that potentially fit their needs and they damn sure are going to tour the property before they sign a lease or purchase it.

  • So far we’re all in accord. It’s a new and exciting use of technology. But there is a dark side. As the technology gets broader in reach and scope, it will surely be another nail in the salesperson’s coffin. That’s good for the real salesperson, and dreadful for the clerks. But then, perhaps we have all too many clerks and technology is meant to cull the herd.

  • Online 3D building models are really a tool for the salesperson, allowing them to reach a broader audience more effectively.

    As is mentioned further up in the comments, no one is going to make a purchase or lease decision based solely on seeing a 3D model. They will however, be better able to decide whether the property is worth investigating further thus allowing the salesperson to focus on dealing with potential customers who are more serious.

    Deal with less tire kickers, speak to more serious buyers.