• I really thought loopnet had a chance to differentiate itself from Costar. Almost the beginnings of a Google/Apple type of mindset to bust out of the mundane data field into the creative. We can only hope for another upstart to keep competition in this field.

  • I have used Loopnet for years and never have used Costar. All I know is that our Board of Realtors had a chance to use Costar or another company, and they choose to use the other company. I would love to know the cost for using the NEW Costar/Loopnet site? Thanks…Harvey.

  • Duke, great comments about data ownership and control. ePropertyData is has been developing an alternative to CoStar for more than a decade. We build a broker loaded and a researched’s CIEs and also commercialMLSs. With clients from the West Coast to the East Coast – and NAR’s backing – we’ve helped many commercial brokers relieve themselves from their costly contracts. With the release of our new National Haves and Wants our members can market to and network with commercial practitioners across the country. Our client base continues to grow and we are pleased to be able to deliver a property centric database complete with available inventory, sold data, statistical analytics, tenant data and more. In all of our systems the members own the data…all the data. As each day goes by we are tracking historical activity and creating a database of information that becomes more and more valuable to the users. For those of you who have never seen a demo of our CIE I would invite you to contact me to see how it works. There is no better time than right now to consider creating or joining a local CIE. The value of a sold comp from 5 years ago is not nearly as valuable as a comp from last week or last month. We publish sold comparables much quicker than CoStar and members do not have to pay more to get them. We are currently in discussions to build CIE’s in several other markets – you may be in one of them. For more information log on to http://www.epropertydata.com

    • This is entirely the wrong model. Multiple websites, confusing interface. Users should not need a demo – this is 2012. Either the site is intuitive and easy to use, or it’s not. It does look like you have a good start with the amount of data. I work all over the country and need access to comps from one source. What is your Atlanta resource? Where’s the pricing page?

  • Yep, I did see this but with the growing discourse I hoped you woul jump in a little more… There is traction here and people have opinions. What are the alternatives? I have not seen any viable platform to date..

  • costar & loopnet seems to have problems as i ask more and more brokers about listing fliping from showcase to loopnet and loopnet to showcase. The reps really don’ t teach they a snitches to go find money. 2 reps selling commercial one in a local makert will never go outside his area the other new and wants to expand. But costar saying nope you need two users because you could share. is that not what they do when calling us for listings? maybe they should pay us for our info! I love the info on loopnet and will deal with them direct until costar screws it up. in talking with larger firms who pay more than 500k a years with less than 35 reps. they tell me that the rep in in there all the time in an effort to raise usage cost base on new hires or increased listing. I interviewed with this group and the model is crazy! The rep got pissed off at me because I went to loopnet direct and renewed and he told me straight faced i should not have done that it effects his direct income and I screwed him out of that commission, I was not even his client!