LinkedIn, You Think You Know What You Are Doing. What Are You Missing?

Like most of us, you are on it every day checking, scrolling, reading, clicking or maybe not, for at least for a few minutes. It’s in your rotation of sites you go to daily to keep up to speed on your personal and everyone else’s business.

LinkedIn has been around since 2002. Yes, it has been that long. Doesn’t seem like it does it?

I have been doing my Duke Long’s Updated 2018 Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Connect With On LinkedIn. lists since 2010 starting with the Top 39 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Connect With On LinkedIn. Why 39 you ask? That’s about all I could find back then. You might be like “no way I was on there..” really, you might want to check your brakes and have a look see. It was a barren landscape for #CRE even then.

Today, of course, everyone is on there, I’m assuming. If you are not? Well, I’m not sure what to say about that other than how’s that working out for you?

Even though Linkedin is seventeen years old it’s now become more important and relevant to #CRE than ever before.

Gone are the days of resume padding…well at least for most, scam pitching…well maybe not, and glam shots. (We can only hope.)

Linkedin has become what I’m sure they thought they have been all along. The Go To Business Platform.

For #CRE it’s always been that in my opinion. Why else click on Linkedin if not to do business?

But maybe in the last year or so, I have noticed something more and that more is quality content.

Quality #CRE content.

From day one I have always posted/shared my articles to Linkedin. How could I not? Again, in my opinion, that’s where #CRE was and still is.

But now Linkedin is what I would call The #CRE Business Content Platform.

And it could be YOUR business content platform. And for FREE.

How could that work? Just look at FaceBook. I’m personally not on there much but Linkedin is now Facebook for business. Take a look at the middle section of Linkedin, it looks remarkably like the feed from Facebook. I’m sure that’s not by accident. Look at the side columns, what do they remind you of? It’s hard to miss, but you have to admit we and most of the rest of the world are familiar with the functionality of Facebook and now that same functionality is staring you right in the face on Linkedin.

And like Facebook, it’s all there for you to use and for FREE.

Yes, I’m sure you have all of the engagement/sharing/searching/stalking stuff down but what about content.

If you have not before this is a golden opportunity to do business content and do it right.

Now today with Linkedin it’s about putting out content to that targeted, specifically by you, business world. But, and this is important, you can do it with permission.

And that content is trackable with metrics included in the post. You can target specific groups, tag specific people that you want to include and pull them into your “thought leadership.” Those same people will ultimately share and or comment on that content and spread it out to their entire network expanding your reach exponentially.

I have also seen #CRE companies doing specific target marketing on Linkedin. Look at VTS as an example. They are killing it with content on Linkedin (along with everywhere else) and doing it professionally. As in the right way.

There are a few negatives about how Linkedin has changed and one of those it the use of Groups. Since Microsoft bought Linkedin, they basically killed Groups. They have the Groups section hidden away under the “work” section along with the ability to post a job advertisement or do salary comparisons. I think that’s a mistake, but again, giving them a bit of credit, I can see why they did that. They want you to pay attention to the feed and the content there. It’s called timely. It’s called curiosity. It’s call driving eyeballs where they want them and that ultimately leads to ads. Ads like FaceBook. And Facebook ad revenue last year was…$16.9 Billion as in Billion with a B.

The other big negative, which LinkedIn may never be able to stop is the bullshit pitching. I hate the pitches, as soon as someone wants to connect. Boom, it’s right to a pitch. That makes me roll my eyes every time. No time for connection other than to pitch? My answer to that is to delete. The people pitching may think it’s a numbers game. If you pitch x number then x will ultimately buy? Again NOPE. I automatically delete, so the pitch did what? It did zero for me other than waste my time and it hurt you and your company. How about relationship building? Wait, what? Also, if you are in lending just stay the fuck away! You are THE WORST and doing it SO WRONG on Linkedin.

But for the rest of us it’s just the entire world of business waiting to engage even deeper, search even closer and share even more quality content. Just like it should be, every hour of every day.

I’ve been asked more than a few times what if any type of SM platform has value for #CRE?

In my opinion, Twitter is like TV but for intellectuals. #CRE Intellectuals. Yes, that’s deep I know.

Facebook is for my mom to see and comment on every picture of her granddaughters in under 5 minutes and for your crazy cousins to expose their unfortunate opinions and points of view with pictures to back them up.

Instagram is for….well you know what it’s for…Vanity.

And Linkedin is the one place that allows you to do what?

Your Business!

Linkedin is the underrated and unsung go to quality #CRE content platform.

You Think You Know What You Are Doing.

Do you have any idea What You Are You Missing?


+1. Video, it’s a thing, now more than ever, on Linkedin.

+1+1 My Top 150 #CRE LinkedIn Lists. Killer clicks and profile views, maybe I was on to something starting almost ten years ago.



Duke Long

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