I’ve Been Called The Most Quotable Person In Commercial Real Estate. And For 2017 I Sure As Fuck Kept The Crown!

Let’s fucking get it started!

“Do you understand that most if not all of the people who will become or are already your customers come from real estate? Think about that. What do they do every day? Every day and have done for decades. Build, buy, sell, and manage physical structures. How fucking hard is that? Actually, it’s fucking hard. BUT, most if not all of the people that do it keep on doing it because it makes their blood run hot and deep.”

“Go after your demons. Stare them in the face. Take them on like never before. Who knows, maybe I am one of them. I challenge you! Eat Me If You Wish.”

“There may have been several versions of this article, revised, deleted, and ignored before it was posted here. You may have seen or read parts in some form or other here and there. What makes this one any different from the others than the ability to use profanity as a form of art?”

“There are no rules. There is no time. Think about that, there is no time. There is no reality. My only strengths are my greatest weakness. Now that’s some deep shit.”

“For some if not most of us it starts with years and years of dues-paying in whatever forms you can define. Door knocking. Phone soliciting. Building canvasing, Numbers running, Spreadsheet duplicating and then again duplicating. The deals no matter how big or small. Any and all deals.”

“It takes Maddie and her green and purple haired friends 200 days of study and passed tests to just get to hang their shingle. 200 days! What does it take to get a real estate license again? I am repeating myself out of disbelief. Let’s do some maths and go big. 100 hours ÷ 8 hours per day = 12.5 days.”

“The absurdity of the real estate business in general and it’s willingness to throw some unsuspecting couple doing a transaction and navigating a process that will change their lives forever in front of a human being who sat in a row of cheap hotel chairs for 50 hours is …………..FUCKING WRONG!”

“Are You Willing To Go End to End?” I caught the most shit for posting this of anything this year. The title pic along with the metaphor. Wow, some people were not too happy. Oh well.

“Most of these events to this point have an issue with what I would call a limited or just plain lack of audience. And when I say that I mean YOU!. The actual users and industry players in and of commercial real estate.”

“So, what’s that scenario for commercial real estate? Who is launching rockets and landing them like a feather right in front of the entire world? No one!!! No one is even trying!”

“How about this from me a few months back. “Fuck Diversity. Let The White Boys Reign! Just off that headline alone, I have 200 Trump supporters wanting to hold my dick.”

“Do you think that by doing that you will or may have potentially eliminated half or close to half of your potential customers?”

“Now, you know this and so do I. You have blocked unfollowed unliked and flat out deleted someone because you disagreed with their political point of view.”

“Also, before we even get there, if you have or had or quickly after reading this put “opinions are my own” in any one of your bios you know what that means? I am “The Man’s BITCH” (sorry ladies, no other way to strongly emphasize and offend. Maybe there is I’m just not capable) that’s exactly what you are saying. Yes, my opinions are my own but I am such a small dicked human that I need to put a legal disclaimer in my bio in case THE MAN wants to get in my face or take away my ability to keep the lights on because in all the world’s reality I AM HIS BITCH, NO MATTER WHAT! And I want to at least think I’m NOT THE MAN’S BITCH!”

“I know certain people of a certain age find that offensive just because they think their youth (or certain people’s perception of it) does not enable them to have a qualified opinion.”

“Yet, when you step into your daily role as that person who is commercial real estate that bias is then what? Silenced? To what end? And at what cost to you? Or is it not and you willingly show your bias with a sense of entitlement and pride.”

“What happens if there is a monetization of the data without the knowledge and permission of the rightful owner?”

“How do we, as an industry, determine the real value of data beyond the context of that data is just property data?”

“White, male, arrogant, sales and deal-driven, only sales and deal-driven, stuck in the past, cheap, unwilling to open their minds to, not use to, don’t want or need to change, and finally, just flat out won’t pay for anything. Disclosure: I am a licensed #CRE Broker and have been for years and years. How many?(None of your business) Does that put me in that same group as all of the above?”

“What you and I know that the rest of the world for some reason fails to get is that we are the center of the universe. Yes, the center of the universe. I said it. Of course, I said it.”

“How should you could you and can you keep them out of your pocket? Well, how about withholding the data. Maybe they don’t need it. Maybe you need it. You did create it after all. Maybe THEY should pay for it.Maybe YOU should get paid for it.”

“To me, this says that THE MAN is deciding when and if HE will shut YOU the fuck down! Who in the fuck decides? THE LANDLORD. THE MAN. And for doing what again?”

“Next time you see your LANDLORD ask him how many people and how many times he is charging for the use of the same bathrooms and hallways, There will be silence and a handshake to have a good day. I’ve seen it. BTW what kind of smart-ass asks that question anyway? How dare you question the LANDLORD!?”

“You know what’s going to happen, they will change up the verbiage from LANDLORD to something like Office Facilitator, Workplace Synergist or Space Environment Concierge. Don’t worry the human race won’t be fooled. They might just decide to not even show up for work.”

“Next series of articles: 5 reasons, 7 reasons, 10 reasons to find another career.”

“Tell me what is 1000% broke in #CRE and must change, or we all go down? My Answer: Nothing. So, why innovate? No reason to. We don’t have to worry. Hell, we are all getting paid. We can only screw it up.”

“So, let me get this straight. It’s 2017 and a solid sound strategy for the commercial real estate business is to do nothing to innovate.”

“And that Monster CRE Innovation Opportunity Is? It’s the consumer and or user.Not just the consumer and or user but SERVICES PROVIDED DIRECT TO THE CONSUMER OR USER!”

“Who is providing a direct to the user CRE platform? Who is providing any type user of CRE innovative products or platforms at all? Not us, and why again?”

‘All the smart and brilliant people in CRE. Maybe I’m overstating that.”

“Why, because VR is now a commodity in real estate. It’s nothing special. It’s everywhere. It’s not new, it’s not fresh, it’s not groundbreaking, it’s not shaking a damn thing in real estate.”

“You can try and complicate the technology as much as you want, that revolution, it never happened.”

“So, if the cleaning up of comedy is a way or hope to achieve power then by definition dirty comedy must be what? A way to subvert that attempt to define the standards of comedy and the power that comes with it?”

“So, I guess we are doing the more difficult thing by keeping commercial real estate clean and by my definition political. Let me get this straight. So, just not saying F _ _ K is considered a skill?”

‘What you are sure as fuck worried about is that I am setting the standard and it’s nowhere near what you think is could or should be? What I’m worried about is that you are trying and or are setting the standard for #CRE by using it as a way to create exclusion and power. Power over mine or anyone’s ability to do what? Create their own standard of #CRE. Not yours and or your version of society.”

“Between some of the chuckles and all the fun I overhear a person as they lean over to the person next to them and say loud enough for me to hear ” this is funny, I’m not sure why they spent the time to do this, this tech stuff doesn’t really matter anyway.”

“Part of, no THE problem is that we have allowed ourselves to define a data standard and model that only does what? Rewards NO ONE! Think about that. Who really gains anything? Is that information attainable in other ways and in a more timely actionable manner? Sure it is”

“Tradable is by your definition what? Something of value that can be traded. Simple. But by the definition of commercial real estate today, anything remotely defined as data is not tradable it’s proprietary. I say not at all. Let me rephrase that. I say data that is tradable if it is agreed upon and a standard data set is tradable. Is there will there be priority data in commercial real estate that will not be traded? Yes, probably always.”

“A quick side: If these major players wanted a certain entity to NOT have any form of influence over the marketplace could they do it? Legally, Morally and Ethically? Hell yes, they could. If those major players agreed that there was a fair and open source of data that they would use and endorse what could that mean? Everything.”

“It’s all out there, what have I not said, written or ranted about especially when it is about the multi-trillion dollar asset class that is commercial real estate. As a side: I have no intention of stopping. As in FUCKING EVER!”

“You want to get a list of the companies that are going to be “the next.” NOPE. You want to source and resource that big pile of money and have me slide you right in? NOPE. You need to connect into the growing and flush hot companies of #cre? NOPE. You want me to tell you what all those big #CRE customers can’t live without? NOPE. You want me to Instagram all my meetings? NOPE. Do you want to find out who are people you MUST meet and have no clue who they are? Just ask Duke, he’s got all the inside scoop. NOPE.”

“That model is what? Free to participate and incentivized to add data. Then get paid for that data. How, with private keys. And why not make sure the database sustains and funds itself. The phrase is ” Better Than Free.”

“Why don’t you start off by solving the homeless problem on Market Street or do you just not notice? Of course, you don’t. It’s hard to miss the smell of urine and every other bodily fluid from high up on the hill is it not?”

“You are totally cool with people smoking joints walking down the street, hey it’s basically legal right? I guess taking a shit in broad daylight on the sidewalk is too. Why worry about that? It’s that whole civil liberties thing. I get it. Wait, I’m not in and or from SF so I’m not smart enough to understand.”

“I shall call it Whoring. Now, let me clarify. Whoring by definition is???? Oh if you click and read I think I am dead on in my assessment. And it is starting, wait is already deep and forceful (phrasing) in #CRE/#Prop/#ProTech. It’s using whatever perceived gain there is or can be from technology and commercial real estate and exploiting it for personal gain with absolutely NO recourse. Until Now!”

“The good no the great companies have and will always figure out a way. The Whores on the other hand just want to do what? Be better Whores!”

“Become a software company, not a real estate company. The Building Owners Maybe Ahead Of You Already?”

“What if you owned THE ENTIRE TRANSACTION? How much money is that? But, you say that can’t be, it’s not fair to the consumers or the marketplace. Are you sure that’s the only reason you are thinking that?”

“That’s the battleground for real estate. The transaction. How do you acquire market share? Oh, there are many ways. That’s what is freaking the resi people out. I’m not sure they even understand why they are so pissed.”

“Ladies of the US, WTF!!! Really???? How many committees and coffee clatches does it take to execute?”

“And what a Fucking epic golden marketing opportunity for anyone who came up with this first. Oh, wait someone did.”

“As a side: How long before #CRE or Propcrypto commodity ends up in a white paper? Remember you saw it here first. I just made it up right in front of your eyes. There are no rules.”

“Open network + shared data (layers) + incentivized tokens = Adoption Open network and ” Allowing Connected Computers To Reach Agreement On Shared Data.” Shared data and to do that We Need A Tradable Data Marketplace And We Need To Build It Ourselves. Incentivized tokens created by using Smart Contracts. The One Simple Step That Kills The DarkStar Forever.”

“We don’t need to worry about mass (as in every human being in the entire world) adoption of Blockchain or Bitcoin for that matter.”

“What if you got paid to do it? What if your data became one of your revenue sources?”

“My concern is that commercial real estate has failed to grasp what impact those technological innovations will do to the present workforce.”

“What Is The Biggest Threat To The Future Of Commercial Real Estate? Is it you? Only you can answer that. I know for sure what I think it is, it’s No Talent!”

“I Said, ” Space As A Service Is Here Now!” Don’t Think So? Just Ask CBRE And……..”

“What if you have undervalued the use of that data all along? What if there is so much more real value it can provide? What if that real value stays with you? What if you control it, wait what if that control is actually assigned and the value still held?”

“Someone could request a thin bearded young man in skinny jeans, dirty shoes and sock hat come to the user’s house and just sit on the couch with a laptop playing old Tetris video games.”

“The ability to have someone nap for you while you or someone else does actual work is more than a quality service. He suggested it was essential to the entire experience.”

“I have mentioned before way back that at some point there will be enough data coming from a building that it will be able to sell itself. Don’t think so? Really?”

So there you have it.

2017 and #CRE, what a year, does it ever stop being fascinating?

In case you missed it….my personal favorite quote………. from the year that was.

“How about this from me a few months back. “Fuck Diversity. Let The White Boys Reign! Just off that headline alone, I have 200 Trump supporters wanting to hold my dick.”

Can’t wait for 2018!

Maybe I can make your ears bleed…………again!

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  • I’d love to state the candid truth in #CRE like Duke Long, yet being a women, it would certainly turn sour quickly and any ‘reign’ gained would disappear. I’m referring to Duke’s comment: “How about this from me a few months back. “Fuck Diversity. Let The White Boys Reign! Just off that headline alone, I have 200 Trump supporters wanting to hold my dick.” So, I’ll leave it in your capable hands, Duke!