It’s Been Over A Decade! My 10 Contrasting Views From Deep Inside #CRE and #TECH.


Well, to start off, I have been in this (#CRE and #TECH) business for far more than a decade. I just looked up when I formed the legal business entity for my Brokerage firm and that was in 2001. Wow, does that sound like a thousand years ago? Of course, I had been working in the business long before I went out on my own. The writing/whatever you want to call it started in and around 2007-2008(notice that was when the market went to total shit?) if by as much of an accident as anything else. It has been every bit of a roller coaster journey and with that, I have somehow managed to write over one thousand “articles.” The one thing I am most proud of is the fact that I have posted twice a week and NEVER missed posting on that same schedule EVER! Let’s just be honest with each other here, if you do anything over a thousand times how many are going to be good, great, spectacular, ridiculous, absurd, profane and probably just flat out bad? I certainly have my opinions but ultimately I have and will let you decide!

For some reason, I have been reflecting a bit lately and rereading some of my early articles. It is amazing to me that 1. I wrote some of that stuff 2. I wrote some of that stuff and 3. I have not yet been arrested or assassinated. Just kidding on the last one…mostly. If you have read anything of mine I certainly try to not take myself or the world in general too seriously. This stuff is not life and death. It’s only important to the extent it’s what we have all chosen as a profession and to put it beyond that is wrong in so many ways.

To that end and with the reflection I have come up with ten of my contrasting views or observations if you will about #CRE #TECH. Now again these are MY views. MINE ALONE and I write it like that because so many people come up to me and mention that’s what they like about my stuff. It’s opinionated but that just it, it’s MINE!

So here we go…

1. I am the media but, I am not the media.  I am not a media aggregator or event planner or a cocktail server. (Where did that one come from?) I think I’ve known this since day one. But it has become more and more clear. We are all the media or we are not if we don’t want to be. I’ve said this a thousand times more. If you never touch one thing online you will be just fine…but then again is that true today. It may have been a decade ago. I have never seen myself as any kind of competition for any type of media at all. It’s just me facing the world with my own name and website. That’s it and those that get that understand what that can mean.

2. I am the future of but I am by most definitions old school. By default tech or the championing of anything, tech paints you as some sort of futurists, tech-savvy, otherworldy big brained savant. I don’t think that’s true at all. We all have some of the tech world in us because that’s where we all live. Do I think I understand or relate to things #CRE and #TECH a bit more than others? Not sure about that but I do try as hard as I possibly can to stay ahead of the curve. Wait, that’s not true I’m trying to create things that are the curve and before. Otherwise, what’s the point of it all to begin with? Remember where we are, it’s October 2018 and just as recently as a couple of weeks ago I posted a headline that read “Nothing Has Really Changed In The Real Estate Business In The Last 100 Years, And Frankly, It Never Will.” So yea, here we are today yet again!

3. I am against the DarkStar, I am NEVER for the DarkStar. Litigious pricks. Wait, is that contrasting at all? If they are not the bad guys then we are not the good guys. Could something like this happen again in #CRE? Yes and no, it could but what I am trying to say is could a company start today and survive as the DarkStar has? Hell no! Will this continue forever? No. Will the Darkstar at some point get destroyed? Maybe? Will it destroy itself? Yes, and that the easiest thing to watch and you see it every day with every move they make. They can’t see it and that’s what makes it so special a part of.

4. I am for the people on the street making deals, making REAL deals. Why is it that almost every tech company wants that entire process to go away? I know you are shaking your head just like me. I don’t get it. Yes, I have written some doom and gloom articles about how a building can sell itself or why the brokerage model is broken in some way shape or form. The tech companies are taking that kind of thing to heart because that’s how you raise money from people not even remotely close to #CRE. If you look at the money getting invested in #CRE from #CRE it’s going after what? Space in general and all the processes around that. That’s called Smart Money. They are NOT going after brokers and dealmakers because… why in the hell would you kill your pipeline to all the money you make? You would not! Again, Smart Money!

5. I am what is called a first mover and I am taking full advantage of that. Now though it’s everybody in the pool. Let’s go back a decade or so, what were you doing? How #CRE and #Fucking #Proptech were you then? I bet not at all. Let me name drop a bit. Nick and Ryan at VTS, Riggs at Honest Buildings, David Eisenberg at Floored, Jason Freedman at 42Floors. Eli Finegold, Thom Byrne, Rich Boyle, Michael at Compstak, Wes at Ascendix, Michael at ClientLook…that’s just to name a few. You have most likely seen, met or heard of these people and their companies. They were all there then, even before there was a then. Before the conferences, before the VCs, before the alliances and associations of, and before The BIG money jumped in. Guess what? They are all still in it today and as deep as ever. I just happened to be there too. How many have come along since? How many have faded away? How many more will come and go yet again? More than we all can count!  For better or worse I have established some kind of brand and I am using that how? To Build The Tribe. Many have asked and many more may ask yet again, “how are you monetizing …??” Don’t worry about me. I’m good. Take care of your own house, I got mine!

6. I’m for tech because I see tech as a tool and that’s all, just a tool. Not a silver bullet or some kind of magic dust that solves all problems. Tools help us do what? Do a job better more efficiently and save us time and effort. Why are we not all just looking at tech in that simplest form? You drive a car to go 300 miles in X period of time. You can walk the same distance but the car is a more efficient tool to do the same task. How simple is that? You get it, I get it. Why then is it so hard to decide that a tool designed to help you do more deals and or make better business decisions is not a smart way to do business and gets treated like some kind of weird unhinged voodoo otherworldly and untouchable pixie dust-laden lightsaber and not a smart way to do what it is that you do. I just still can’t fathom that thought process.

7. I am just an advocate for any and all but because of that I have been called a pundit but, is that accurate? When have I not been more than willing and able to champion #CRE and #TECH? Is that not what all this is about in the first place? I certainly have opinions about many types of technology and why what or how they will affect #CRE. I also have disparaging opinions about what I think has or will continue to hurt #CRE. Does that make me an expert? That is a question that only you can answer. It has put me out front (again the first mover thing) and enables me to see everything! Can I be an expert of any and all? Of course not. That’s ridiculous. There are some that are more than happy to put themselves out there and try and be as much. Good luck with that. Just mention the word blockchain and see what happens. The little basement dwelling assholes will climb out in droves and rip right into you like they are the only people smart enough to understand. Which proves the point that they are the least capable.

8. I know everything in real estate is local but I am for the global because we all are. Every piece of real estate is local. Every piece is its own special little snowflake. But we are now and have been for quite a while competing on the global stage. The tech tools we have in front of this now allow that like never before. How many investment dollars are generated in this world of real estate that comes from just about anywhere? There are entire sub-industries of real estate dedicated to just this way of thinking. We need local and yet we have to be global. How much can we learn from and help each other? The possibilities are indeed endless!

9. You are only as powerful as your network, yet you are all by and for yourself. Why do you think there are conferences and events? It’s so we can meet human beings. We do business with the human race. But is that true now and will that continue? I’ve said this a thousand time moreover also. This site that you are now reading is the greatest FREE networking tool ever created. You are opting in, you are giving me permission to interact and engage. You also have the same power to walk away. I’ve used it as a weapon to build a GLOBAL network. When you step back and think about the tools and skill sets you bring to the table is your network not one of the most important? Of course, it is. It’s the power of the people. Your people. Yet there you sit all alone in the world now today connected like never before.

10. The more I think we are advancing the more we are still the same The farther we have come the farther we yet still have to go. Why have we not given ourselves more credit? Yes, we are still old school and I have admitted as much. There is nothing wrong with that. But yet again we have come so far. Again back to the” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” theme. Why screw it up? Or why not completely change the world for the better? Is it just another way of saying “hey I will change when necessary just don’t stop paying me to do what I do now?” It’s always a part of what I have seen and it’s that people will talk all about anything that makes it seem like they are staying ahead of the curve yet doing nothing to change anything at all ever. It happens 1000% more than you would think. It’s easy to predict what will come in three to five years. It’s almost impossible to predict what impact those changes will have in ten years. Hate me if you will but if you have ten good years left in this business you could not give a flying fuck what happens in ten years. It would be refreshing for some of if not all people who are in that Defcon5, keep hanging on to, please don’t ask me anything technical, I just want a check career mode would just stand up and say it. “I could not give a fuck!”

Well, is that all I can come up with after a decade?

There has to be more than that and of course, there is.

Is there another decade of this in front of me?

Hell yes!

It’s Been Over A Decade!

And those are My 10 Contrasting Views From Deep Inside #CRE and #TECH.

+1 For all the haters over the past decade and the ones sure to come!!! Click in at 4:10 and take it to heart!




Duke Long

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