I’m Calling Out All The Ladies of #CRE. Why Are You So Silent and Hard To Find?

I’m Calling Out All The Ladies of #CRE. Why Are You So Silent and Hard To Find

So, this may be a bit of a rant. Ok, maybe more than a bit.

I get asked every week to suggest possible participants and help create panels.

As I sit here this very moment I am working on twelve (things) as in (12) no wait, that is times four (4 ) which equals 48.

And then there is a thing in Europe which is a half day tech thing (still a maybe at this point) and a couple of other events all next year. This is November. Yes, planning that far ahead.

So, who is on my list?

Yes guessed it! ALL OLD WHITE GUYS! AND WHY?

Because that’s who is always available and says YES. Not only yes but they have a strategy usually in coordination with…..yea you know what’s coming….. their FEMALE assistant.

It’s HER job to coordinate and get all the logistics, timing, content, outlines, and details set up.

Side rant within the rant: Who in the FUCK ARE YOU? You as in the asshole who copies your “assistant” to coordinate with me the how when and where we, as in you and I, should talk! Gee thanks for making me your coordination BITCH too! Again who in the FUCK do you think you are? You think you are what? KING OF THE FUCKING PLANET. YOU don’t even have time to schedule your time? It’s fucking 2016 asshole do your own shit and as the kids say “own that shit.” Be a fucking real human. I’ve met (are we just counting?) billionaires, that’s with a B. CEOs of Billion dollar companies from all over the world. Startups and VC’s handling billions (are we still counting?) of dollars in sales with hundreds and thousands of employees. Guess what. They just email me themselves. If I am referred to the “assistant” to you, know “schedule” my first and mostly only thought is, “what a fucking clueless piece of shit.” ( I was going to say douchebag but, that’s sexist)

Hey, feeling the need to tell me to fuck off?  Just reread the last paragraph. It’s you asshole. (It’s been said many times over. The best strategy for content on a website is to educate help and inform.) Just doing my part for the cause.

Where the hell was I? Oh, yea I was in the middle of a rant.

As the ladies of #CRE are and want to be they are not without an opinion and are more than willing and able to voice it.

And with that opinion they always and I mean always “opine” about the lack of female representation on conference panels.

I could not agree more and last year wrote about #CRE paneling as only I can. (One very true story still resonates today.)

It’s over a year later and……it’s still the fucking same.

Who’s to blame? Should we point fingers?

Let’s take the easiest and more favored tact and call out all the white dudes.

That of course, includes me. I am a white dude just in case you needed verification.

Ok, It’s my fucking fault. I purposely only target and call old white guys to be on panels. There I said it.

Is that what you want? It’s white guys helping white guys be white guys.

Ok, there I’m done. That’s the world we live in. Deal with it.

I will be honest, it’s pretty fucking awesome.


Still here?

You didn’t think I was going to stop there, did you?

What are my options?

I use my database for the most part. Don’t we all?

When a topic is presented to me who is the first person that comes to my mind?

It’s____________ and they are so good and speaking and have a depth of knowledge on the subject. They would be perfect.

How many women do you think come up?

Why not?

How about this.

Let me call the ladies out.

I did just that on Twitter.

So, there you have it.

Want “a seat at the table?”

Tired of #allmalepanels?

Not even “in the conversation?’

Then help me and everyone else the fuck out.

Who should I call or connect with?

Where is that website or database?

DO NOT HIDE IT behind a fucking association paywall.

Why should I pay to be a part of your little club?

( I am NOT specifically calling out the ladies mentioned in the Tweets. I use their names ironically because of their reach and influence throughout #CRE to call attention to the subject.)

Oh wait, I already have all the access I want to all the old white fuckers on the planet.

Yet, it’s my fault. I already stated that.

I’m a white dude just helping white guys be white guys.

I’m not trying to include any and all.

That may be what you think.

One thing I am sure as fuck doing is this….

I’m Calling Out All The Ladies of #CRE. Why Are You So Silent and Hard To Find?



+1 Hell, I’m just a white guy, what the fuck do I know?

+1+1 F-Bombs included on purpose just to find out how thin skinned we all really are.



Just think of the possibilities for the title image above….endless!






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